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How I verified my ascendant degree

This is how I verified my Ascendant degree, with tools for verifying yours.

A few days ago, when I was pondering on my Ascendant degree, I thought of the fact that when I had my son, transit Mars was in the 4th of Virgo, to be exact: 3d44m40s when he ‘saw the light’. Somebody cut me, just before that happened. Next, I thought about progressed Mars, now in Pisces, and the date of progressed Mars conjunct my Ascendant Pisces. On September 30 1996 I had surgery and … progressed Mars was in 3d43m42s Pisces. Cut, cut...Also, Transit Saturn was at 3d42m Virgo retrograding (in line with the nature of the surgery)! The time of my birth certificate gives an Ascendant of 3d43m29 Pisces. What a great and accurate nurse it was! 

It was pretty nice, to find this on a day that Venus was opposition my Sun and Midheaven! And yes, I was glad! Now I 'just' had to find more hits with the Ascendant degree and I found Uranus when I started co-managing an astrologer's forum. Now I wonder what Neptune will be mirroring  in 2013/2014. I expect amazing or miraculous situations (see the post about transit Neptune). 

Maybe YOU can find your Ascendant degree using the same method. It will be harder for men to use Mars in their children's charts, but here are some clues. No need for me to mention them all here, as they are all over the internet, even on this blog. Here are some links:

Astropost about Transit Jupiter and your Ascendant (gaining weight, pregnant) or see Cafe Astrology.

Astropost about Transit Saturn on your Ascendant and being blamed or going trough a hard situation or see Cafe Astrology about frustration and feeling let down...

Cafe Astrology about Transit Uranus conjunct Ascendant. That is when I had my coming out as an astrologer on the internet:). See my take on it here...

What may happen when transit Pluto is on your Ascendant. A personal experience on

But, in short, you can expect the coming out of problems with Pluto, you might join groups with Uranus and become transcendent with Neptune. You can't be overlooked when Jupiter makes you grow and you get real with Saturn. Pluto is the symbol of life and death and is very intense by nature. Uranus is for excitement or intervention (including going to see the dentist). With Mars you might get cut or hurt (f.ex. dentist, again:). Venus brings pleasure and Mercury someone to talk with. Just check it. 
And uhm...Brutus table with keywords for angularity is very useful to try to find a certain state of mind. There is also a text about ruler 1 conjunct Ascendant (for the natal chart). As Neptune is supposed to rule my Pisces Ascendant, will I turn into a very tactless sort of a medium (attuned and straight forward) during the transit of Neptune? If I do, it will always be in the Pisces way, for example: on a blog, almost anonymously:). 

PS If you are still not convinced about the degree that you found, try the symbolic degrees of Janduz (published by to see if the description looks like you and your ways of doing it...I selected the picture on top of this post, a bit according to the description of my degree and a bit because I liked this 17th (16-17) century picture of Jan de Braij. If you use the symbolic degrees on Astrotheme, please be sure to name 0-1 degree degree number zero and 1-2 degree degree number 1 etc. 

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