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Venus, Ceres and the Molasses Disaster

For some reason my attention was drawn to the Boston Molasses Disaster of January 15, 1919. Maybe it was an article about ‘The Folklorist’ ( a new TV program). Or is it transit Venus sesquisquare my progressed Ceres? Anyway, I searched for the hour of the moment of disaster and it was mentioned in 12.40 pm. What struck me in the chart was the conjunction of sweet Venus and Ceres, the symbol of nutrition. Together they make a sweet thing to eat, and maybe in a fairy tale the flood after the explosion of a molasses tank, would be a kind, tasty and happy river, but it certainly wasn’t a nice product then. It was hot, sticky, fast and an 8 feet high wall of candy-to-be that killed 21 and injured about 150 people (and horses and dogs). The (public domain) picture above was found on, where you find the complete story with more pictures, a map and a recipe for those with self control:).

The most important positions in the chart of the disaster are for Venus and Ceres, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Quaoar. The tightest aspects are:
-      Venus conjunct Ceres (sweet food)
-      Pluto inconjunct MC (transformation of a state, involving a loss and a problem)
-      Quaoar square Ascendant (creating a new situation or perspective)
-      Saturn-Uranus-Ascendant (unexpected sudden blockade or end)
It is also important that the Ascendant is changing sign, introducing a new situation.

The Venus-Ceres conjunction happens to be one of the tightest aspects, in opposition with the angular Neptune. Neptune is for chemicals.

Such a chart can’t (of course) predict a disaster. It is just describing what could have happened at a certain critical moment in time and place (MC-Ascendant) on a day that luxury food (Venus-Ceres) was an issue. If you have a Venus-Ceres aspect in your chart, sweet candy might be an issue for you. At the moment, with a frustrating sesquisquare between them, it is apparently an issue for me:). So I will skip that recipe!


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