Sunday, December 9, 2012

Transit Pholus in Sagittarius

Pholus is an asteroid, a small object that pops up in a chart as the catalyst. Transit Pholus often reflects the small and insignificant but irrevocable  trigger point. But what starts as a tiny thing can grow out of proportions, like the sudden rise of an X-factory star. Susan Boyle, for example, has Pholus on MC. Her career certainly has a point of no return. Pholus moves through Sagittarius. What happens when transit Pholus is conjunct the natal sun in Sagittarius?  

In a few days (just before Xmas 2012) transit Pholus will be conjunct my Sun in 19d53 Sagittarius for the first time and more hits will follow in 2013. I'll pay special attention to those days of transit Pholus. It might be that someone or something will silently and slowly start changing my life. Or that someone's death will. Or... maybe nothing happens. I'll let you know and I am curious about your experiences.

Many Sagittarians had transit Pholus on their Sun in the 18th (17-18) or 19th (18-19) degree last year.  If you are one of them, please share your thoughts.
Any experiences? And if you had or hadn't, how prominent is your Pholus?

A prominent Pholus is angular, square Ascendant or on Sun/Moon or AC/MC, or on the apex of a Yod or as the 3rd party in a midpoint yod (that is the position opposite a midpoint). Also, the transit will be noticed more if you have an aspect (minor or major) between Sun and Pholus.

May the butterfly effect be prosperous for you!

The ephemeris of Pholus is on!

In my post I mentioned the Sun-Pholus synastry between the charts of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  You can imagine that in synastry Pholus adds a special significance to the relationship. Something started changing when you met each other...
I wrote about the Sun-Pholus synastry with my late sister, before ( ) Her early death at age 49  was a turning point in my life for many reasons.

For more information about Pholus, see the labels. They lead you to more posts on this subject. Or visit: about Pholus and aspects with Pholus.

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Unknown said...

With Pholus om my sun and mars conjuntion in Libra in the summer of 1998 i exeperienced a surgical operation which changed my life ....since then i've never been the same and all my life transformed, the way i saw life and had to live. Yes was a point of no return...

Astromarkt said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Livia!