Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sun-Saturn royal spouses

Four European civilians who married a King to be, and became a Princess (and probably will be a Queen one day) have a Sun-Saturn affliction. I wonder why. 
  • Status and position highlighted? 
  • Spotlights on criticism? 
  • Restrictions and protocol? 
  • Having to be slim all the time?:)
  • The importance of (later) parenthood?
It can't be 'the nasty side of life' (in the sense of poverty), because of their privileges. Or is it because they will never really really be royal or that their life is hard at the top? They smile and wave a lot and don't seem to be unhappy, so the question remains: why do these four future queens share hard aspects between Sun and Saturn? Any ideas? Or would it be just coincidence?

PS Princess Diana didn't have a Sun-Saturn affliction. Her Saturn was square Midheaven.

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THE CHARTS,_Maxima Chart of Princess Maxima of the Netherlands,_Crown_Princess_of_Spa Chart of Princess Letizia of Spain,_Duchess_Cambridge Chart of Princess Catherine of England

And Princess Mathilde (Belgium) born January 20, 1973 with Sun 135 Saturn

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Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me, because Sun Saturn aspects are all about control! (at least, according to the Magi astrologers). Sun Saturn people often rise to the top because they themselves hate to be controlled, and they like to control or lead others. In the case of royalty though, they do have to bow to protocol which I'm sure they don't like much, but they do have lots of power themselves to lead.....or to even dominate if they chose. In the case of a civilian marrying into royalty, the girl would surely have more power as a royal, and therefore a greater ability to lead or to control others.

Astromarkt said...

I also think of a career (Saturn) strongly related (aspect) to the man in your life (the king, the sun).