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Mothers in the chart (and a poll)

Mothers and fathers are parents. That is why Saturn is a gender neutral symbol for the persons who were responsible for you and whom you see as old (elderly) and restrictive. The Sun is usually the symbol of the father (because he is outside the house, in the sunlight) and the Moon was always related to the person who took care of you. The Moon is the symbol of the motherly figure who educated you and showed you what and how to do. For some persons, the Moon is not the biological mother. The Moon could be a nanny or a foster mother, or even a man (yes, why not?), just like the central figure in your life (the Sun) might be your mother...The Moon shows the nature of your early  memories. When you have emotional or behavioral problems, look for the Moon. It is the place where psychologist would search, too.

There is a dwarf planet with premised motherly qualities. It's Ceres. Ceres is the symbol of nutrition. Ceres is the symbol of the dynasty and the genes (hereditary). Ceres is about seeds and grain, agriculture. See: So perhaps your mother or your motherhood is represented by Ceres in your chart.
She is more like a queen, than the Moon is. I don't think that she washes, cleans or changes vipers. She is the head of the kitchen and she holds the keys to the closets with the candy.
In an ancient household, Ceres would be the boss and the Moon would do what was needed on an every day basis.

It would be a limitation to say that in your chart mother is Moon or mother is Ceres.
As your mother can be your best friend, your supporter, the nail on your coffin or the person you love or hate most, any symbol in the chart could be your mother's symbol.

Motherday seems to have had an antique start in the days of worshipping Rhea (mother of Zeus). Part of Rhea’s personality can be attributed to the mythes of Pandora, Cybella (see picture) or …Ceres. But we can not, I repeat NOT, copy the way that our ancestors were celebrating Rhea’s day, because mother wouldn’t like it. (

Before I continue and ask you a question about your idea of synastry charts between parent and child, I wish you a pleasant Mothers Day and here are the flowers for all women and men who educate and nurture children:

I found that the synastry charts of mothers and their children often have a painful component, like for example Mars on the Ascendant or heavy transits of Pluto and Saturn. At the moment of giving birth there is often pain, anxiety, hard labor... So if you and your mother or you and your child have such a difficult aspect between you, think of the day of birth. We can't say that because of a painful moment of birth there will be a nasty relationship for the rest of your life, can we? The actual moments of starting a life and giving birth have the same chart. The chart of one person's birth mirror the transits for another person's moment of delivery. Maybe that is why the memory of the pain usually vanishes at the glance of the little baby born. But does that moment have an effect on the relationship with the mother or father, I wonder?  I have examples in the links to help you to help me find the answer to the question if situation on the day of giving birth is the upbeat to the later relationship between parents and a child.

Synastry charts of parents and their children ARE the charts of parents and the transits of the moment that their child was born. Do they color their relationship for ever?


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