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Bad moment to act: Mars - Saturn and TV intruder

On January 29, 2014 an intruder demanded to be enabled to speak to the public on TV (see BBC for the news). Nothing much happened, except that there was no TV at all for a while and the young man quickly surrendered. He had a fake pistol. What he wanted to tell the public remains unknown.
It seems to have been a chemistry student with complot theories who lately told a friend that he 'wasn't well'. The threats (radio active bombs, hacker attacks) were as fake as his gun.

He had some serious progressions and transits (like everyone born on February 14, 1995*), repeating aspect combinations in the natal chart. The effect of transits and progressions between the same planets/lights are stronger when there is a natal aspect (however small).
I wrote about that effect before (see the post: )

It is the same in this case.

In the natal chart we see Sun opposite Mars and Mars quatronovile Saturn.

PROGRESSED (chart of 1 day=1year)
In the progressed chart we see Sun conjunct Saturn and Sun inconjunct Mars and Mars inconjunct Saturn.

TRANSIT (actual position of Sun, Moon and planets)
Transit Mars was exactly conjunct Saturn

Mars-Saturn combinations signal  action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution, with different results 

There are two quincunxes in the progressed chart (Mars inconjunct Sun and Saturn) and there is a Mars-Saturn transit. These progressions and transits work harder because there is already such an aspect in the natal chart. What he did could have killed him. But this act definitely stopped his way of life, his study and his career. With Saturn, periods of life end. Inconjunct Mars it might be in an aggressive and unbalanced way.

There is one more repeated aspect. In the natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Chiron. On the day of his appearance on television transit Chiron was conjunct his Progressed Sun and progressed Saturn and inconjunct his Progressed Mars, to make the situation extra painful. 

Last but not least: transit Pholus sextile Sun makes it easy to shoot your own feet at a point of no return.

The lot of quincunxes (4) tell a story of giving up, being out of balance and loss. When there are 3 indications pointing in the same direction, it happens more often that there is an important situation in your life. In this case, it was a situation of decline.
See the article on inconjunctions on my site Astromarkt.

Here are some charts. Click and open in a new window to have a better view.

In this post I don't analyse the positions on the day of birth of this young man. There are keys to the way he acted (Moon Leo for drawing attention, Sun quintile Jupiter for a creative way to make your life more than it is and other indications). 

*) If you were born that day, too, that doesn't mean that you will live a similar life or have the same kind of problems. Genes, gender, situation and circumstances color the chart. It is, however, wise to take extra care, watch out for infections and depression this year.

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