Sunday, January 31, 2016

Transit Chiron with Mars and Pluto is a pain

You may have noticed that there are fewer messages on this blog than used to be. It is because since mid November last year when transit Mars hit my Saturn, I have an increasing pain and can't move my upper right leg. It might be because of a muscle problem, but it takes more doctor's knowledge to be sure (I will be informed Monday). I have a list of 6 nasty transits and progressions to accompany what I consider the main indication for my situation:
Transit Chiron in Pisces is conjunct my progressed Mars and inconjunct my progressed Pluto. In the progressed chart Mars is inconjunct Pluto.

Chiron is supposed to be the healer, but there MUST be something to be healed, of course. Mars-Pluto is a great indication (in my astrologer's eyes) for getting hurt when using on overdose of force. I  used that when I tried to be stronger than my French Bully:). She pulled one way, I wanted to go the other way and when I turned and pushed, something snapped. That was Mars-Saturn. The other nasty things are listed below. It is depressing, especially because I completely depend upon my husband for almost everything. In the past weeks things got worse and now I even have a wheel chair and a lovely friend to walk me around the pond when the sun shines.

If you see this transit coming, beware:). No, it is not so violent, always. I have that list:
1. Progressed Moon in progressed 12th house, opposition transit Saturn in the progressed 6th (but in the 9th of the natal chart, and I hope that is helping me)
It is the kind of transit Saturn running behind the moon and it will be November when the transit is gone. It means: depressing experience keeping you at home (in my case).
2. Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Moon in natal 3rd house
3. Progressed Mars and Venus inconjunct progressed Neptune  and Pluto (mysterieus passion? no way!)
4. Progressed Ascendant inconjunct Mars (after opposition Venus) for inflammation?
5. Transit Pholus opposite progressed Ascendant and semi sextile Mars (turing point in perspective + frustrations): really I doubt if I can make that trip this summer...
6. Lunar chart has Mars on the Ascendant
and finally: that transit of Chiron with Mars and Pluto. 

Even the chart of my husband is involved. His progressed Sun is close to my natal Sun now.  It means that he will also get transit Chiron - Sun soon, because that is what coming up next. 

Now you know why there aren't so many posts, lately. A funny picture I saw has this text: 
I don't know if it is killing me or if it is making me stronger. We'll see...One day I hope to do what they do in the picture above!

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