Friday, April 20, 2012

Where is Andres Felipe Cubides Ramirez?

Spoorloos (means: without a trace) is a television program, often about reuniting lost family members or finding the natural parents for adult adoptive children. This time a Colombian mother told a sad story related to the Armero disaster of 1985. Mother Claudia studied to be a dentist, hundreds of miles away, when her village Armero was destroyed by mud. They told her that her son died, but they never found the body. In November of 2011 she watched tv about the Armero disaster when she suddenly saw her then 5 year old sitting on a table, partly covered with mud but clearly alive. 

What happened? Had he been adopted? Is he still alive? She wants to know. She said that her son was very sweet, and the chart of his day of birth confirms this: Venus calling! (remember? That is when Venus doesn't make tight aspects in sign). When Venus is calling you are a diplomat, lover or artist to be (and sometimes you will be!). And as a child you will be sweet, at any possible level!

Anyway, if you know of a young man named Andres Felipe Cubides Ramirez, born February 22, 1980 in Armero who is supposed to be an orphan, please spread the message that his mother has been looking for him since that day in 1985 and that she loves him very much. With transit Uranus inconjunct Jupiter and conjunct Sun he is at the dawn of a positive change, so maybe it is this: being reunited with his natural mother! You can help making this come true and help finding him, for example by tweeting this:

Andres Felipe, nacido Febrero 
22, 1980 Armero (Colombia): Tu madre Claudia te busca

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