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With Saturn on top (of the age pyramid)

When Saturn is important in your chart, you might end up on top (of the age pyramide...)
It is not always a pleasure to have an important Saturn in your chart. The ancient astrologers already must have known about the icy rings that surround Saturn as a barrier. How else could they have qualified this planet as reserved (cool) and as the symbol of restrictions? Sometimes Saturn simply drops you and the higher you climb the harder you fall.

I recall the positions of the day of birth of late Amy Winehouse. She had Saturn 'calling' (no major aspects in 5 degrees orb or in sign) in Scorpio (see: ).
Duty is calling, when Saturn is calling. The not aspected Saturn sort of demands you to be responsible, in control or ambitious, perfect even.

The 'calling' Saturn isn't the only important Saturn. There is another way for Saturn to be important in a chart. Angular Saturn's are important. The angular position of Saturn says that all things that belong to the S of Saturn are of key importance; such as dignity, position, career, status, age, duty. The third way is when Saturn rises before the Sun. That is when your orientation in life is at 'Saturn' first. The classical, managing, controlling Saturn is cautious and materialistic, prone to be sure that there is enough money for casualties and enough food for the winter. 

It is lonely at the top in society. Sometimes you loose control and fall.
It is also lonely at the top of the age pyramid. Yes, an important Saturn could also help you to get old, like in the case of a 107 year old.
I have another example. A few months ago there was a documentary on local television about a 101-year old collector of donations. He was born June 3, 1911 in Rotterdam and taking good care of himself. Saturn rises before his Sun and there is no major aspect in sign.

The importance of Saturn in the charts of the above mentioned two old men might of course include the importance of solitude. When you reach such an age you might be the only one left and you might have seen your partner, friends, children and even some grand children die. That might be just as unpleasant as when Saturn means 'endings' and 'farewells' at young age. Or, when you have an important Saturn, you might enjoy the fact that you managed, on your own or with some support, to get on top of the age pyramide.

Both old men had their Suns in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus and other indications for the possibility of getting real old. See Astromarkt about aging or use the label 'old' here if you are interested in the subject.


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