Sunday, April 29, 2012

The progressed Midheaven

When I published ‘Progressed Sun, what it is and how’ (about Progressed Sun, Moon and planets) I promised to get into the whole progressed chart later. The way to calculate the frame (Ascendant, MC and houses) is quite different than the way to calculate positions of Sun, Moon and planets, as you may well know. If you know how to calculate a birth chart, it is rather easy to calculate a progressed chart, once that you have chosen a method. And that, selecting a method, is the most difficult step in the process. For those who want to 'progress' a Midheaven it is not easy to make a choice.  They are confronted with: Solar Arc Midheaven, Primary Midheaven, Secondary (Progressed) Midheaven. You can also simply add 1 degree for each year. And there is a reversed version, too! Yes, there are even more ways to progress a chart than those that I mentioned here (see Wikipedia)! Because of the number of systems and methods I very much doubt that one of them is 100% perfect. I mostly use the secondary progression of MC because of the fact that it is the most used system in Europe (and I guess that this has a reason:). But I used the Primary Midheaven before (it is just that the program that I used is on an old laptop). 

Apparently, I haven't found the best way to progress a Midheaven, yet, even not after many many hours trying to 'correct' my chart so that the longitude degrees between planets would correspond perfectly with the progression of Midheaven or Ascendant. 
All methods give a different degree for the progressed MC for the same year. The difference is about 5.3 degrees for my own progressed charts for this year! That is difference of about 5.3 years in life time and the difference between a Progressed MD opposition Pluto, sesquisquare Saturn or sesquisquare Uranus. (Maybe with such progressions it doesn't really matter, they are all difficult:). 

Correcting charts by means of using aspects of or transits with Progressed MC or Ascendant isn’t easy because of the existing amount of methods. The progressed, primary, Bonatti or Solar Arc MC aren't  solid tools to 'correct' a birth time...

What method do you use or prefer? Please do the poll...

The progressed Midheaven is the key to finding the Ascendant and the positions of the Progressed Sun, Moon and planets in the chart drawing (and in the houses). I use the progressed chart to see the changed priorities and the most important issues. 


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Interesting (if you like to fine tune) Progressing the Angles by David McCann

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Anonymous said...

Most of the Occidental, popular methods to progress the secondary MC give the SAME result, i.e., the same MC degree and thus the same houses (they rely on longitude in the zodiac) ... but MC progressed by solar arc is a bit different, but I think it's the most accurate one.
Some sidereal astrologers (classical) prefer the MC calculated in RIGHT ASCENSION, which is something different from longitude