Sunday, August 5, 2012

She won the lottery (guess chart answer)

A lot has been published on Astropost and on about winning the lottery and about the chart of winners of the lottery. The examples on my sites shared a couple of things. I quote myself:
The natal charts of the winners are similar when it comes to certain aspects: Mercury-Jupiter, Mars-Jupiter, Jupiter-Uranus, (all for success), Venus-Saturn (for carefull manangement of the money) and Venus-Pluto (the money combination).
The lady in the guess chart has two of these aspects in the natal chart: Venus inconjunct Saturn and Jupiter exactly trine Uranus.  Her natal Sun and Midheaven are between Venus and Pluto (the money axis).

The transits on the day that she won the lottery, are:

  • Transit Uranus trine Sun (a pleasant change, surprise). Uranus is ruler of the 5th house of entertainment and games (like the lottery!)

  • Transit Pholus quindecile Sun (a focus on a turning point in life)
Those are two indications for something beginning to change her life. And let's not forget the progressed Midheaven square Pluto (ruling the second house of money!): a transformation in position AND Progressed Sun square Venus (now we have the Venus-Pluto combination again = money). Sun-Venus progressions always make life more comfortable or pleasant. 

  • Transit Saturn conjunct Jupiter 
  • Transit Saturn trine Uranus 
(Saturn with Jupiter and Uranus is begin careful with sudden windfall; managing late and sudden success)
  • Transit Venus conjunct Jupiter (happy day, joy)
I asked you to have a special look at the houses. The houses involved are 2 (money) and 5 (games). In total there are 8 transits and progressions (including transit Neptune inconjunct Pluto) at the same time. That means that it was an important period!

The lady of the guess chart used her one million euro to pay the mortgage and she gave her kids some money. Today there is not enough left to stop working... Her job: she is a writer (also writes columns), was an actress, and is an activist, too. She divorced and has children and (a lot of ) grandchildren.

(So Dunyazade did make some right guesses: writer, the involvement of children and a prize. One of her sons suffers from schizophrenia). BTW the transit of Neptune inconjunct Pluto ruler 2 shows how easy it was to find out how to spend the money:).

If you didn't know about it, you still could see that there was joy  (Venus-Jupiter, trine Uranus) and that  there was change (Uranus and Pluto: sudden dramatic change). The 5th house (in transit) is usually a lucky house.

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