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What happened in 1958 ? This...

One blog ago I presented a guess chart and asked you to to try to find out what happened to the lady with that chart in April 1958. Here is the answer to that question.
 (See the guess chart here if you want to give it a try). Here is that chart again:

Of course, you can't just start making a guess. You need to know about gender, culture, social position and natal chart before you start looking at the transits and progressions. I should have told the readers of this blog that it is about a not western high society lady.

1. Radix
Venus inconjunct MC: this is the aspect pointing at a position in society (MC) too much (inconjunct) related to wealth, beauty, women or being a woman (Venus). Venus is in the 5th house of children and 'the other gender' This woman didn't have children. She also never had a lover (again). But she was very rich and had a 'jet set' life.

2. Radix
Neptune square MC with Venus inconjunct MC: this combination relates the position in society (MC) to romance (Venus-Neptune) or art (Venus-Neptune). As both Venus and Neptune aren't well aspected, the nasty side of romance turns op: disillusion in marriage.

It is the chart of Princess Soraya, who married the Persian Sjah and had to leave when she didn't give him an heir. She had to leave the country, but was overloaded with money. She was never seen with another man.

Transits and progressions
1. Transit Saturn inconjunct Progressed Sun is one of the most difficult and saddest aspects. It is about losing balance because of losing status or control. The transit is EXACT on the day of the official divorce.

2. Progressed Ascendant inconjunct progressed Neptune
Neptune is confusing, but this aspect clearly shows us what is happening. She lost (inconjunct) her partner (AC/DC) and there was a negative and confusing situation. This aspect was also EXACT on the day of the official divorce.

5. Transit Juno with Sun
Juno is the symbol of partnership (Juno was the wife of Zeus). The transit shows: spotlights (Sun) on partnership (Juno). But it was not a beginning!

6. Transit Jupiter on Sun/Moon midpoint and trine Ascendant
There is help and support in the middle of the devastating situation: Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of traveling (she went to Italy), progress and success (she became rich).

7. Solar Arc Saturnus is spot on on natal Ascendant (EXACT again)
Saturn is for departure, diverse, endings and the axis AC/DC points at relationships (again).

Now we have two inconjunctions (quincunxes: loss) and two times Saturn (endings, barriers) Sun and Neptune relate to the 7th house of marriage. We have 3 bad signs EXACTLY for april 1958. When there are more than 2 indications in a certain direction, there is the 'rule of 3': it might just happen. She didn't die. Her husband remarried and had his son (who never became a sjah). They separated. That is what happened! And the transits and (most of all) progressions are clearly indicating that something sad happened in a relationship. If you want to learn more about progressions, just use the label below to find more examples.

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