Friday, August 3, 2012

What happened in 2007? (a guess chart)

Here is another chance to try if you can find out what happened in the life of the well known woman with this chart, on July 5, 2007.

It is not so important to know that she is a woman, what her profession is etc. in this case. What happened to her could have happened to anybody. Really?:) Find out and first have a good look at the natal chart and aspects. Mind the nature of the aspects. I found this chart on a site that didn't mention the source of the hour of birth. So please try to find out what happened based on this:

Transit Uranus trine Sun
Transit Pholus quindecile Sun
Transit Saturn conjunct Jupiter
Transit Saturn trine Uranus
Transit Venus conjunct Jupiter

But because of the significance of the house rulers (making me think that the hour of birth is correct): mind the houses!

Of course, you can't know what happened exactly. But you might have a clue about the nature of the event: nice or nasty. And you might just guess what the event was about. However: it is easier when you know it!:)
Good luck!

If you want to know what happened, you will have to read the next blog post.

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Dunyazade said...

75 years of age.

First I just looked at the houses. And I thought:

- She won a literary prize?
Maybe the nobel prize? (Because of the age.)

If not nobel maybe some other prize of relevance.

Then I looked at the natal aspects:
- Sun square Uranus.

Sun rules 11th and Uranus rules the 5th. Plus the Progressed Sun is in square aspect to the natal Venus (from the 12th house):
- Loss of a Child? A daughter, maybe? (Venus is in Cancer, both associated with the feminine.)

- Plus Venus is in 150ยบ aspect to Saturn (in the 4th house): which again speaks to me of Loss regarding family. Plus in her natal chart the Moon is exactly opposed Uranus. Again: loss of some family member? Maybe abroad? (Moon is ruled by the 9th house Venus and Uranus is ruled by the 9th house Mars).

Other things:
- transiting Neptune on 5th house in "hard" aspect to natal Pluto: again I think of loss of child OR Literary prize.
- Literary prize: Pluto is transiting the 3rd house and rules the 2nd: money from writing.

- This transiting Pluto is square Mercury progressed in the 12th house - loss of a young person. To illness?
- Uranus transits the 6th house - illness, health theme again -, conjuncts NN in Pisces (the event was karma related - like it was meant to happen and did happen when Uranus transited the NN?). Again: Uranus rules the 5th house - loss of Child due to illness?

So I'm between 2 hypothesis:
- Won major literary Prize
- Lost a child due to illness.

Now I'm off to google.

(Love these exercises, btw ;)

Astromarkt said...

Hi Dunyazade, your answer is in the next blog!