Monday, August 6, 2012

The Moon-Uranus + Mars-Neptune experience

Guess what happened...
Today the Moon in Aries (1) was square my natal Uranus 5 around 16 o'clock local time. Transit Uranus in 1 was exactly square my natal Uranus. Transit Mars was exactly conjunct my natal Neptune in 7.
What kind of experience do you think that I had? I'll tell you all about it! It was an exciting mistake. (Uranus for excitement and upheavel, Neptune for shame and confusion...)

It was 'exciting'! That was because I rushed through the office, alarmed the security and was looking all over to find my big white bag with car keys and car papers. I was convinced that I left them in locker number 64, but I couldn't find the key in my purse and than I found that locker open, without the bag. Oops! Apparently I hadn't left the bag in a locker, I thought. And recently some of my coworkers had been robbed of their radio, money, bag…So I first checked to see if my car was still in the garage. Then I checked all the toilet rooms and all the rooms of coworkers (even those where I hadn't been that day). Again I checked all my drawers, the open and closed lockers and I looked under the desk.

I thought that I used 64, as usual. That was wrong. I left the bag in number 14 and the key (blue, not red, like 64) was in my little black purse, hidden between some paper stuff.

Mars-Neptune for a blooper? Anyway, I hurried home and poured myself some wine 'for the confused'.
That is what you deserve with Mars-Neptune...

Pretty cool Moon-Uranus and Mars-Neptune combination, isn't it? I'm lucky to have retrieved the bag and to see that I am not the only one having trouble with a big white bag. I found a crazy story here:

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