Sunday, August 19, 2012

Venus quindecile Venus: obsessive love?

Venus is about to make a quindecile with my Venus (and an opposition with my midpoint Sun/Moon). It happened before, but I never noticed the aspect. A quindecile is the symbol of obsession and strong focus. Venus is about love and pleasure. It seems OK to love to have fun and it is still weekend:). Maybe it is about the choco softies?

I remember a Venus quindecile Venus synastry and today is a perfect day to tell it again.  Today is the birthday of late Coco Chanel. During the Second World War she fell in love with a German officer and it is believed that the relationship continued even after war. She never married. Her Venus was quindecile his Venus, obsessive love...Is that good or is that bad? It certainly was difficult in WW2.

 I have written about her controversial love before. His Uranus - her Sun and vice versa seems a very efficient way to mirror how shocking their love was in those days.

Though it is good sometimes to have a strong focus, it is sometimes bad. Ahmadinejad has Mars quindecile Pluto and that provides him with a very strong focus on political struggle, use and abuse of power etc.  Portugese Carlos Cruz has Venus quindecile Pluto in the chart.
I quote:
Carlos Cruz, a Portugese television celebrity, has been found guilty of child abuse in the Casa Pia Child sexual abuse scandal. The orphanage children came forward with their stories in 2002. Cruz was arrested in 2003. On September 3, 2010 Cruz got 7 years and I read that he might be released in 2014, with progressed Sun -> Jupiter. Just like in a few other cases of abuse*), there is aVenus-Pluto aspect in the chart of Cruz: Venus quindecile (165 degrees**) Pluto. 

PS Today is also the birthday of Bill Clinton, who has transit Venus square his natal Venus and semi square the natal Sun today.

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