Friday, November 30, 2012

Mars and Pluto opposition my Uranus: Ahhrrrggg!

When you see this picture of a 17th century dental treatment, you know what my Mars-Uranus-Pluto experience is about.

The day before yesterday I saw the dentist. I see him for a check-up at least once a year. Now it was with Transit Mars conjunct transit Pluto in the 9th degree of Capricorn. Mars and Pluto were exactly opposition my natal Uranus…Guess what happened... I'll tell you all about it.

It was a periodical check up. I told him that I had the idea that last year's treatment had failed  and that something was wrong in my right jaw. He took a picture and immediately arranged an appointment with an endodontologist (a specialized dentist). Ahhrrggg!!!@#$%&

Mars-Uranus-Pluto is a combination for surgical intervention or accidents or injuries or explosions. And apparently, Mars-Pluto transits with Uranus signal a good day to see the dentist about a complicated problem. Or for a forced upon surgery...

The dentist, I noticed, is related to Mars. He uses instruments and he hurts, that is why.

With Mars on my Midheaven or progressed Midheaven I had treatments, painful treatments… So I decided not to see him until Mars had moved to Capricorn, but I couldn't pick the day. That is how I came to visit the good man on a day with Mars AND Pluto opposition Uranus.

It was a good thing, of course. It was high time that I went, but when it comes to tooth ache and the dentist I look a bit like this bird. So I waited until the problem would be solved by nature...even though I knew that something was wrong. It didn't hurt, it didn't show, so I thought that maybe it was something not so important. Or I hoped that it was (transit Neptune is also on my Jupiter this year).

I am expecting the invitation of the endodontologist, soon. I wonder what day they choose to explore the axis of that dental nerve. The dentist says that it doesn't hurt (don't they always say that?).  I wonder what transit will accompany thAt visit... I'll tell you if I am still around:).

Nerves, you know, belong to Uranus in the astrological vocabulary. Mars is dentist and hurt. And Pluto is for complications. Now we have the picture (by the artist Pulling Teeth):


Like I wrote before, the Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination is the combination of terror! ( ) Seeing the dentist was a one woman terrifying experience.

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Unknown said...

I feel for you! Dentists are my least favourite people to go see. I had a toothache so badly once but I refused to see the dentist. It turned into an infection which blew my whole face up....I had to go to emergency and get intravenous antibiotics cause it was moving down into my chest....scary....and then a root canal of course. This all happened when Chiron and the Sun together conjuncted my Saturn in the 6th house. Ouch. I have found that getting teeth pulled is much preferable to root canals, if you don't mind losing a tooth. Usually painless really, and quick.
I have Uranus rising, so am naturally a 'nervy' kind of person.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Barb, that is what I suggested: pull that tooth! They should have done this long ago, when the first pain started. I know how important teeth are ( just think of Popeye:), but why risk complications like you had? I just received an invitation to see the endodontologist for a "first" appointment. May it be the last! Thanks for your comment!