Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saturn conjunct Saturn: sorry, it's memento mori

Saturn returns remind you of your age and responsibilities. Everybody 'ages' at about age 30 and at about age 60 and 90 when Transit Saturn hits your natal Saturn. But what happens when your Progressed Saturn is retrograding and gets back to the natal starting point (a progressed Saturn return)? Progressed Saturn returns are rare and are rarely discussed. I wrote about it a few months ago, when I approached my progressed Saturn return (see that post: ). It is Saturn time for me now! And I know it. In my situation it is obvious: it is about the responsibility of organizing care and taking care of my mother.

In the building where she lives is an institution for the elderly, too. Yesterday I was in the elevator with an old shrieking lady who apparently didn't make it to the toilet and who didn't know where she was or went until I asked her: 'Where do you live' and she said: 'The third floor'.  It is depressing (and I really wonder how the people who work there are able to deal with the astonishing picture of what might happen to all of us one day). I hope that I die before I get THAT old or that it will get that bad for my mother. One generation...There is so little time left. That is the pressure (or say: the kick in the ass) that is being reflected by transits of Saturn. It litteraly makes me feel sick.

Saturn conjunct Saturn is a memento mori, reminding you not to waste time. 

Saturn is for depressing things and the Moon is for the mood. Saturn is for parents or parenthood and the Moon is for care.

I am happy to see Venus on my IC today (that is when I'll have my hair done and I intend to buy a new perfume - maybe Sun, Moon and Stars:), starting a few days off. But I won't be off for long. Saturn on Saturn is double duties! Or at least: it feels that way. Now I wonder: am I wasting time?

All about getting old and aging on this blog
Progressed Saturn is exactly conjunct my natal Saturn today, while progressed Moon is square my natal Moon. You know about my Moon trine Saturn (feelings of responsibility and duty) and my family's Moon-Saturn (see the Moon-Saturn post)? Perhaps that is why these progressions join to hit me harder than other persons' progressed Saturns do?

BTW When transit Saturn is back to square my Mars, transit Saturn will be on my mother's Midheaven (after begin square her Sun, again). That makes me think that there is more to come... and more to be done.

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Shannon Rae said...

Very interesting, great interpretation. Love hearing real life experiences.

Anonymous said...

What is the orb of influence for a progressed Saturn return?

Astromarkt said...

In my experience: 3 months before - 9 months after the exact conjunction.