Sunday, June 22, 2014

Astrology of Netherlands-Chili June 23, 2014

Use the label 'Football' and you find a lot of posts related to an experiment: finding a correspondence between charts and results in football. Here is another try. 

On Monday June 23, 2014 there is the match Netherlands-Chili and I think that it will be undecided but a typical short fuse match. Why? 
1. A peculiar Midheaven of the final moment with only one aspect (inconjunct Neptune, the planet of confusion and doubt), 
2. The MC of the final moment is exactly square the natal Neptune of Sampaoli (the coach of Chili). Sounds like disappointment and he wants to be the pool number 1
3. Mars opposite Uranus (short fuses), tightly and 
4. Eris-Mars-MC and Van Gaal (football is war sometimes)
5. Double Sun-Mars synastry between the coaches. This shows competition.

But, nothing is certain and predicting is difficult, especially when it is about the future:). So don't put your money on it, just study the charts. Any other idea? Let me know before the match!

BTW The chart of the Netherlands had transit Jupiter sextile Sun in 1988 (when the Netherlands became European champion). On July 13 (finale WC2014) Jupiter will be 5 degrees too far for a perfect trine with the Dutch natal Sun. The Netherlands are not favorite in the Top10. Hope keeps them going!:)

This is the chart of the final moment with the transit positions on the day of birth of Sampaoli.
The picture above shows that in Greece in ancient times there was football, too, just like astrology. Did these two meet?

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Astromarkt said...

Boy, 2-0 is a real dissappointment for Sampaoli. I should have trusted Neptune-MC as a strong indication of losing the match!

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