Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pisces Ascendant: catching

My Ascendant degree is 4 Pisces. With Saturn in early Sagittarius I keep falling! It is almost amazing how my knees don’t break! And how I manage to stand up…Anyway, it is almost Pisces time and with that Ascendant I feel obliged to pay some attention on Ascendant Pisces. The Ascendant is the symbol of how you present yourself and how you see the world. Well, in modern times Neptune rules Pisces and Neptune makes all things vague, diffuse, unreal and idealistic. I am an awake sleep walker, sort of, with colored glasses on. Fortunately, in ancient times Jupiter ruled Pisces and Jupiter is more positive, happy and protecting. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of fans and followers, the believing audience and great imagination or illusions. As Jupiter is conjunct my Ascendant but in the 12th house (Pisces house) I surely combine both on my chart’s horizon.

Pisces is one of the signs that pop up in the charts of artists (see my blog Art&Astrology for the pattern of artistic talents). That is because it is a visionary’s sign. Art needs imagination and dreams, to see things that aren’t yet there. You can use the Pisces influence for anything that hasn’t yet materialized. Mediums, media (like the internet and television) and movies belong to Pisces. So does romance, because you see the loved one like no one else sees him or her. Your angel is another person’s devil, perhapsJ.
Pisces Ascendants are a bit fake, perhaps. Let me think aloud a bit...

Is the Pisces Ascendant like a doormat? I think it is sometimes, but not for long. It is just the Ascendant, your door. When you have a Pisces Ascendant your entry is covered in mist, looking soft and slippery. You may have no idea what’s next. You may even be able to bend that door and shape it like you want it and then wipe your feet. The other side of it (the way the Ascendant sees the world) is that it is tricky outside so that you’d better hide or be invisible, be anonymous or on your guard for the emergency exit while seemingly tolerating and understanding it all.  The octopus is one of the creatures that changes color in defense.

The world outside is not what it looks like and there may be more than what you see. That is the message, when you have a Pisces Ascendant. So perhaps there is an overdose of paranoia among those with this Ascendant, as well as an overdose of idealist following on idea or belief and a lot of Pisces Ascendants believing in ghosts.  I don’t know if anyone ever tested this. So it’s just a guess. Isn't that a good end for a not so sure Pisces Ascendant sign story? But, I have another way to look at Pisces. I think of the fisherman, who silently waits for the prey or the beautiful Syren to be caught. Isn't he/she also part of the Pisces story?

I like the description of Pisces Ascendant on CafĂ© Astrology, where they mention the changeable (chameleon behavior – especially with Neptune in Libra - or should I say: being able to adjust anywhere?).

Art&Astrology, my blog on the pattern of artistic talents formed by aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune in signs like Cancer, Taurus, Libra and … Pisces

I don’t like my Ascendant sign. Do you?

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