Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Happy Valentine!

The chart of Valentine’s day 2015 looks good for lover’s fun. Why? Because Venus is biquintile Jupiter and that's good for creative parties and marriages. Those who celebrate their birthday or will be born on February 14, 2015 may have more than one reason to congratulate themselves. It is the weekend before Carnaval and that is a weekend of music and funny events in the southern part of my country.

It is a good day, but of course: not for all of us. Life and love happens to depend more on genes, situation and circumstances beyond our choices than on our character, feelings and astrology chart. And not to mention: age! I had Progressed Sun conjunct Venus when I was 6 and could have met the love of my life!:)

This year’s Valentine’s day starts in Western Europe with Juno elevated conjunct MC. Juno, you know, is the symbol of the wedded wife and marriage. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars in Pisces are in the 5th house of ‘the other gender’ or playmates, so it is a nice chart to start with.

This Valentine’s Day it is not true that blonds have more fun. Any hair color will have a nice Valentine’s day if their birthday is on March 12 or 13, and Venus is on your natal Sun. Peter Doherty , who completed rehab in January this year, is such a lucky person. But, dear readers, there is a DISCLAIMER!
Transits of Venus are fast, go bye in a second and are light hearted. So if you happened to look the other way, you won’t even notice the beauty when she goes. Important things like meeting a partner happen in important astrological times. That is when there are more than 2 indications.

So, Venus should best be accompanied by progressions in case of serious plans in love. If you just want to have some fun or send a kind little present, Venus’ transits will do.

These days, Valentine's Day is the day that you celebrate with your loved one. Once it was a friends' day. And there was a time when Valentine was a secret lover.  Valentine is flexible. So am I. I use not to use sun signs, but let me have some fun and tell you about your sun sign Valentine day:

Lots of Valentine's Days, Aries have a Venus in the 12th house position and that is great for sending flowers, chocolate and cards to secret loves.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with friends? Have a party!

You may use Valentine's Day to ask or be asked to get married this year. If you already found your love, why not tell the world about it?

Your home is your castle, but maybe this year you should ask your partner for a ride or a flight. If you are single, find your love in a library, a plane, abroad or in a travel agency. No gain, no pain.

Don't buy diamond rings if you can't afford them!

Looking for passion? Or is the romantic dwell of Venus and Mars in Pisces too much? In that case, go to the cinema and see a movie like Fifty Shades. Afterwards, have an ice cream.

Though you like to take it easy, the best way to demonstrate your love is to serve others this year. My advice is to find an easy and clean way to do so.

Bet you are the most desirable and passioned lover this Valentine's weekend! Or maybe you always are?

Love is in the air of the bar, dancing place or cinema for you this Valentine.

Talking about love and sex this Valentine weekend? Talk to someone special...

Find your love and passion in a bank or in the country this Valentine! And if you have one, show your appreciation!

Perfume, roses and a good movie complete Valentine's Day. You are in the mood!

Your personal horoscope can be matched with the advices above, easily, wherever you are.
Keep it cool, be nice and have a great weekend!

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