Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Transits and progressions after death

This morning I tweeted about the article on (The Immortal Horoscope by Wendy Stacey, with examples) about 'life after death' in the horoscope, as I name it. The transits and progressions of the chart are reflecting events, mostly regarding the reputation of the death person, after death. I fully agree with that article, so I mentioned it on Twitter. This was followed by examples of Astropost that I gave in 2008-2010. 

1. Chart, progressions, transits of Anne Frank re her diary after death

2. Jim Morrison's transits and progressions after death at the time of a trial
3. Charles Dickens and the women after death when the secret relationship with a woman was revealed

4. Astrology of Nicolaus Copernicus reburial after death

5. Where Father Pio's stigmata fake or real. The after death show the question marks:

6. MORE OF KARL MARX's 'DAS KAPITAL' SOLD with transit Jupiter trine his Sun after death 7. Saturn, Pluto and the disappearance of Papadopoulos death body after death

We may not live eternal lives, but our charts apparently do:)

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