Friday, November 27, 2009

Chart of Gary McKinnon's day of birth

As if the USA prisons are not overcrowded already, they want Gary McKinnon, a hacker with Asperger syndrome (autism with high functioning) to come over and join in.
Gary McKinnon risks to spend 60-70 years in an American jail. That is because the British government agreed to extradite the man instead of giving him a trial in the UK. McKinnon's idea with hacking government computers in 2001 and 2002 was to prove that the USA knows about UFO's, he says. But he also left a threat...See Wikipedia about the case (link below).

McKinnon is of course a man with a mental handicap and not everybody born on his day (February 10, 1966) is about to be sent overseas. But still, I was curious about what is in the chart of that day that is reflecting (part of) the possibility or explanation of the events and the act itself? Here is the chart for time unknown (12 noon).

Neptune rises before the Sun and is square the Sun. If any aspect refers to isolation and fantasy, it is this one.
But he also has Sun trine Jupiter. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune mirrors beliefs and...the support that he gets. With the conjunction of Mercury this combination of aspects could also be read as 'telling fantastic stories'. And believing them, too, perhaps...

Notice the square between Saturn and Uranus, in hard aspect with Pluto. It is a generational aspect. Some of those born in that generation will be subject to political (Pluto) restrictions of freedom (Saturn-Uranus). Only a few will experience the hard effect of the combination...when for example this combination is linked to the chart's angles.

Just for the record:

In 2001/2002 - when he committed the crime - transit Uranus was conjunct his Sun. In the natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Uranus (more if he was born earlier).

He has Sun trine Jupiter and square Neptune. Not so long ago transit Neptune was conjunct his natal Sun (last year, when the first protests against his extradiction started). Jupiter will soon be conjunct his Sun. Although Jupiter is usually a fortunate symbol, in this case it might also mean that he will travel or go far (to the USA...). Jupiter symbolizes prosperity, growth, the judge or doctor, judgement and help, travelling, the international and more.

Daryl Johnston was born on the same day (in the USA). He is a successful football fullback and known for his contributions to charity. Yes, that is another way to express an oriental Neptune (idealism) and a 'calling' (unaspected) Mars (drive, energy) and another way to have support(ers). Johnston works as a color commentator right now and that is perfectly mirroring the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune combination for using a lot of words in the media:). don't need to try to get into government computers just because you were born this day. But there is a great chance that you will have a special drive and will get a lot of support in a specific period in life.

More about the case...
For UK citizens who want to try to help Gary McKinnon to remain in the UK: see this site... A petition hasn't helped much so far.
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