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The chart of Nelson Mandela day

The United Nations announced that July 18 will be ‘ Nelson Mandela’ day from now on. The 18th of July is his birthday.

Nelson Mandela is a beloved and admired person. The most prominently placed planet in his natal chart is Venus on the Descendant, conjunct Southern Node, reflecting the admiration. He is very much motivated by the love of the community (midpoint Sun/Moon square Venus and Node) and it is his behaviour (during prison and towards his former enemies) that is one of the most important sources for admiration. Behaviour (presentation, how you do it…) is symbolized by the Ascendant (the horizontal line in the chart). With Venus there, you tend to be nice, polite, a diplomate and sympathic.]

Uranus is a very important planet, too, as you may read in ‘ The theme of freedom’. The announcement of Nelson Mandela-day comes with transits of the prominent Uranus with the prominent Venus (square) and with the vital midpoint Sun/Moon (opposition). Having a day named after you is of course the ultimate pleasant (Venus) surprise (Uranus) and very motivating (Sun/Moon)!

Another reflection of his popularity is the position of Jupiter, ruler 1, in the seventh house. That increases the number of partners and the general idea that it is a pleasure to have company. He is very good at networking (Venus and Jupiter in the seventh house)!

Nelson Mandela is also a legendary person. Perhaps that is why we see the MC semi square Neptune/Pluto and the natal Sun between Neptune and Pluto. Neptune is parallel with Pluto. Neptune and Pluto are the combination of the secret or hidden force (and they have been hiding him for 27 years...). It is also a combination of discretion, related to the social position.

I have written about Mandela and his chart before in a post with the natal chart and transits of the day of his conviction, when he had Saturn opposition Midheaven and Uranus conjunct Midheaven. The combination of Saturn and Uranus is the combination of restricted freedom and of breaking free; in other words Saturn-Uranus is reflecting the theme of limited independence.

The issue of Saturn and Uranus came back on February 11, 1990, the day of his regained freedom. Progressed Ascendant conjunct Uranus and opposition Saturn reflected the moment of ‘ breaking free’ . Progressed Saturn was trine his natal Ascendant.

In the summer of 1994 he got the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Progressed Midheaven was square Saturn and Uranus!

Why are Saturn and Uranus so important in transits and progressions? Maybe it is because Uranus is important.
Uranus is the focal planet in the funnel shape chart and is placed in the third house, ruling the third house of communicatons and in a very telling inconjunction with the Sun: he lost (inconjunction) part of his life and freedom in a rather disproportionate and contradictional way: in order to be free. Sun inconjunct Uranus is also showing that he is unconventional and subject to controversies.

The midpoint Saturn/Uranus is in hard aspect with Moon (opposition, it is a midpoint Yod) and with Pluto. Moon is sesquisquare Pluto. Moon is in mutual reception with Pluto. Pluto is the planet rising before the Sun. He experienced imprisonment, stress and pressure, but he had a strong enough personality to be able to resist, survive and come back to be a President. The Sun is placed on the midpoint Saturn/Pluto, mirroring the ‘ die hard’ . (More about die hards and Saturn/Pluto on Astromarkt).

It is a strange chart for a President and for a man with a day named after him. Mercury ruler MC is conjunct Saturn and parallel Saturn. Saturn is the planet of the administration, ambition, classical studies and management. Pluto is sextile Midheaven, making the strongest Ptolemaic aspect. The combination of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto is the combination of knowing what NOT to say (strategic thinking) that is so often seen in the charts of politicians, like those of the American presidents in the study on Astromarkt.

But I would have like to see a stronger statement in the chart of Mandela. This chart is reflecting a beloved politician with a ‘ mystic ‘ reputation. Jupiter ruler 1 conjunct Pluto (the planet of orientation), are both rising before the Sun. Jupiter is semi square the ruler of Midheaven and sextile Midheaven, just like Pluto is.

Once you know that this is the chart of a person with a day named after him, you see the combination of successes rising before his natal sun and related to the MC, the Ascendant (by rulership) and the ruler of Midheaven. The charts angels are related to Jupiter and Pluto and they are related to Midheaven. Maybe that is the key to his success.

The source for the hour of birth is 'Vocations' by Noel Tyl (recommend book, by the way:)!


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