Monday, November 16, 2009

Chart of Herman Van Rompuy with HOB

Update! The Belgian Standaard reports that Van Rompuy has become grandfather! And that is one of the ways to reflect a Jupiter transit with the meridian (a growing family!). Here is the news...
I was notified about the hour of birth of Herman van Rompuy on Astrodatabank and here is the chart. Transit Jupiter is now square his progressed Midheaven. That transit looks so much better than the inconjunction of Saturn that is 'helping' MP Balkenende of The Netherlands to become the first European President! So Van Rompuy has better chances, at least today and this week. His social goals are being supported.
If there are no other candidates with even better transits and progressions the chart above might well be the chart of a President. And mr. Balkenende will be 'him' when an inconjunction of Saturn is a sign of fortune:(

I have written about Van Rompuy before and I noticed the prominence of Neptune. In the chart with hour of birth, Neptune is even more prominent. That means that it is to see ideals, ideology, religion and rise above all.

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