Thursday, November 19, 2009

Raymond Domenech: fanatic drive to win

Raymond Domenech is the trainer of the French football team. They beated Ireland, but...Thierry Henry used his hands just before the most important goal. Now the Irish dispute the results of the game and demand that the game should be replayed entirely. There is even a poll on the site of LA Times

Above is the time unknown chart of Domenech, who seems to know about sun signs, but not about transits. He once said that he was certain to win, but he lost (with transit Saturn inconjunct Sun - a signal for defeat -).

Now he has transit Pluto square progressed Sun adn progressed Sun inconjunct Mars. In the natal chart Sun is quindecile (165( Pluto and square Mars, with Mars quintile Pluto. That is a strong combination for a coach and shows a strong and creative drive to win, as you may read on my site Astromarkt. This natal combination is now being activated and highlighted, including a slight danger to get angry or driven too much (with possible health problems as a result).

And it seems that his team won anyway (and France will go to South Africa next year), because I just read that the Fifa won't have the match replayed. It is the referee who decides, not the Fifa, they say.
See the Guardian, with the 'hands' and Raymond Domenech in the video.

I wrote about Domenech and astrology in June 2008...see this link...
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