Saturday, November 2, 2013

Venus Return charts: predictive?

Last night, while I was sleeping, transit Venus was conjunct the position of my natal Venus. It is like Venus looking in the mirror. What do you think about the importance of the Venus return chart?

On that specific moment of Venus return, Uranus and Pluto were on the angles. As Venus didn't make any major aspect at all, Venus was 'calling' in this chart. Should I spend time on delineating the Venus Return chart, I wondered. Time to see, if Venus Return charts are important and predictive, so: I checked the Venus Returns of my past. I have some past, so I can look back at many Venus Returns.

I started with the Venus return valid for the year that I met my husband. Then I did the Venus Return chart valid for the year of my marriage. And I compared those to the Venus Return of today.

1. First: the Venus return chart valid for the year that I met my husband, a long long time ago:).
- Uranus and Pluto were on either side of Midheaven.
- Venus was lost in space:).
- Venus was square Uranus and Pluto and
- Sun was inconjunct ruler 7 in the earlier Venus Return Chart.
We almost married in that year. Instead, we got engaged. We started rather dramatically, if I may say so.

2. Next: the Venus return in the year right before the year of my marriage. The return was more than 1 year ago, so maybe that is too long ago according to the rules. In that Venus Return chart:
- Venus was angular, conjunct IC, but not tightly,
- Venus was tightly square Pluto.
- The IC was conjunct natal MC (orb 2 degrees).

3. This year, 2013, there is an angular Uranus-Pluto square, but not in aspect with Venus.
Last Solar Return also had an angular Uranus-Pluto. My next SR has Venus and Mars angular, with Venus quintile Pluto. This seems to point at the importance of Venus.

I should check all the Venus returns of my life to see if a Venus Return helps to find the important years for love and that is some job. I would if I thought that it would add something to what I already have, but I am a bit disappointed by the results so far.
If the Venus return was significantly indicating marriage, divorce, meeting your lover, than why isn't the Venus Return before my marriage more outspoken?

They say that if Venus is conjunct Sun or on an angle, it will be an important year for love or marriage. That seems to have been correct for me, but it can't be correct for this year. 'They' don't say anything about Uranus and Pluto on angles. I consider that as a statement of intense tension or radical change.

You need to see the Venus return related to the natal chart, they say. Well, that is about the same thing as checking the transits during a Venus return. In that case, the Uranus-Pluto angularity in my Venus return today, is even more important, as Mercury (my natal ruler 7) is conjunct transit Pluto and square Uranus. If my Venus Return is right, there will be an important 'event' in 2013/2014. If that is correct, I'll remind you of this post. And if it's not, I'll do the same!

I am curious about other person's experiences or studies, especially when it is with Uranus and Pluto on the angles of a return chart. That is personal interest, because Uranus and Pluto were on the angles of my solar return chart and in the next one, Venus is on the Descendant. I am also interested in your experiences with Venus Return charts in general. Are they indeed meaningful? Does an angular Venus in the Venus or Solar Return chart point at a crucial year for love?

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Juno19 said...

I noticed that my venus return chart for this year is very similar to next year's with the ascendant at 7 Gemini and next year at 9 Gemini. Also, venus, moon and jupiter are all in Leo but venus is the only one in the same degree of course. Isn't it pretty significant that the ascendent, and in turn the house placements, are almost identical from this year to next?

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for your comment, Juno19! I don't know what the meaning of this Venus return chart would be and what it means to have the same degrees. I haven't noticed much significance, yet. Any idea what your Venus return chart would indicate now? Are these degrees in aspect with your natal chart?

Juno19 said...

My DOB is 6/19/1975 at 5:05pm in Washington, DC. My venus return occurs at 1:10am on August 23 this year and at 4:30am on June 20 next year, the day after my birthday, which is also probably significant. Both set for Washington, D.C. where I currently live.