Saturday, November 7, 2009

Charts of shooting and shooter Fort Hood

Here you see the charts of the moment when the shooting in Fort Hood, Texas started (above, with the natal positions of the shooter on the outside of the circle) and separately the chart with the natal positions of the shooter, Nidal Malik Hasan (below).

Just like in the case of the incident on Queen's day (April 30 this year), Saturn had an important role in the chart of the man who caused the tragedy.

-Transit Saturn was opposition the natal Sun of the man who ran his car into the public (on purpose) and it is known now that he planned his suicide and was depressed. He had payed the rent for the last time and had no house after April 30.

- Nidal Malik Hasan has the progressed Sun inconjunct natal and progressed Saturn this year. That is an astrological statement for being out of balance due to a depression and for making a mistake with an important 'lost'. He had cleaned his appartment and given away his Koran.

But it was not just a depression, because at the same time he had transit Pluto trine Mars and progressed Mars conjunct Pluto, the comnbination for an act of violence and getting hurt.
At the moment of the incident in Fort Hood the important Mars of the shooter had just been square the local Midheaven and his Pluto was exactly 67.5 degrees from Midheaven (that is a semi square and a half semi square).

The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is the combination of untimely (unnatural) death...

Mars is very important in the chart of Nidal Malik Hasan. The planet of war and aggression is oriental (= rising before the sun). That is often so in the charts of soldiers, activists and people who act first, think later (or in other words: want to MAKE a statement).

The tightest aspect on the day of birth of the shooter is Mercury conjunct Pluto. That aspect is reflecting very strong opinions and possibly stressed ideas. Mercury is trine Saturn (and that is good for scientific studies), so that there is a combination in favor of the strategic (political) mind. This combination is sort of repeated in the combination of Sun in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) and Moon in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto).

Another strong aspect is Saturn sesquisquare Uranus. It is the aspect combination of restricted freedom and trying to break free. The combination is often found in the charts of people who had to give up part of their independence. Click the label below this post on to see more examples.

According to the wish of the unaspected Sun he has now drawn attention and been in the center of it, but (inconjunction): the bad way. It caused the lives and health of many. Perhaps his individual chart with hour of birth explains more. The day of birth just shows us the possible effect of a depression in the life of a man who is able to shoot and kill.

On the day of his birth, September 6, 1970, there was a mix of ingredients that (in certain circumstances) could create an incident such as in Fort Hood. He had the drive (Mars), the strong determined mind (Mercury and Pluto) and he wanted to give up on the status quo (Sun inconjunct Saturn). Unfortunately he had access to the 'cop killer gun', the Belgian .N. 5.7 mm Herstal. American soldiers can buy them without any problem.

There are even rumours that the shooter was a fundamentalist and his white traditinal clothes on the final day suggest that this might be true. He was very devout and it is said that he couldn't find a matching spous because he had too many conditions. He even refused to be on a picture with women (and now he has been shot down by a police woman, Kimberley Munley...) Maybe that is another effect of the inconjunction.

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Funkstar said...

Nice work with the progressions but i want to let you know of some confusion about Nidal's birthdate. An arny documant has it as 08 september 1970. here is the link:

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for the link, Funkstar:) and ...Sigh! In that case the inconjunction of the progressed Sun and Saturn happened in the last two years and the Mars-Pluto connection is limited to the transit only, because the progression was earlier. Perhaps that is when he radicalized, but there is no other transit or progression right now (as far as I can see at the moment) that would explain his act at this specific moment, without HOB.

Astromarkt said...

But then, what is this?

7 Nov 2009 ... 10, 1971 197109102312 First Brother Born Brother, Anas Malik Hasan, is born. September 1970 197009062304 Born in Virginia Born Nidal Malik ... -