Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aquarian Astrologer Louis de Wohl and 10873

In the series of astrologers and sun signs it is now time for the astrologer born under Aquarius. I refound Louis de Wohl, German astrologer born January 24, 1903 (picture on astrology.co.uk). In the earlier article on his chart on this blog I wrote about Jupiter and Uranus:
De Wohl was a true astrologer. Jupiter and Uranus are vital components in the charts of astrologers and De Wohl has a lot of indications pointing at Jupiter and Uranus. The Ascendant is in a Yod with Jupiter and Uranus. Mercury is aspected by Jupiter and Uranus. The MC is tightly connected with Jupiter and Uranus . Jupiter is semi square Sun/Uranus. And the MC-routing ends in the mutual reception of Jupiter and Uranus. He was recruted with transit Uranus square progessed Ascenand and the progressed MC sextile Jupiter and semi square Pluto.
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Amazing how I can't seem to find more famous astrologer born under Aquarius, supposedly the sign of astrology:). I opened and closed numerous files on Astrodatabank and ended with the chart of Astrologer 10873, gender unknown, born on February 17, 1948 with Sun in the 29th degree of Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is prominent (rising before the Sun) and is opposition Uranus. I don't know if he still has a practice and apparently he hasn't published about astrology, but at least: he was interested and offered readings. The Jupiter-Uranus pattern is there.

In what way De Wohl demonstrated being an Aquarian astrologer (and not, say, a Taurus)? I think it is in the application of astrology as a new technique in war times:).

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