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Astrology of Hiroo Onoda's war

Yesterday Hiroo Onoda died. We know him because he was the last Japanese soldier who surrendered, only in 1974. All those years he was hiding in the jungle. On Februari 20, 1974 someone convinced him that the war was over, but he waited for an official command until his war was finally over. What about his chart? What made him so special? I'd say: obedience and I would like to say where in the chart that is, but I can't find it. This is what I found. I think that the narrow trine between Mars and Neptune explains a lot…

Here is the chart:
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First of all: Uranus is rising before his natal Sun. Uranus is square Mars.
On February 20, 1974 transit Uranus was inconjunct his natal Sun, while Saturn was square his natal sun. The Uranus-Saturn combination is the combination of limited independence and freedom AND the combination of breaking free. Progressed Venus square Uranus tells us about exciting new adventures and Progressed Pallas square Sun mirrors the confrontation with patterns in life changing.

Secondly: Sun is 'calling' in Pisces. This means that he will draw attention, somehow, anyhow. In Pisces it may because of his fantasy, beliefs, ideology or idealism. Well, we noticed him. There may be no major aspects, but Sun is exactly sextile Vesta (the easy way out of 'home'?) and conjunct Eris (the importance of discord) with a sesquisquare Sun-Neptune (frustrating beliefs and ideals, the conflict between beliefs and reality). It is all there.

Third important thing on the day of his birth: March 19, 1922 in Kainan, Japan is the exact trine between Mars and Neptune, his tightest aspect.
Remember 'Into the Wild', the post about Chris McCandless who wanted to live in the wild and died after he found out that it was hard out there? Hiroo Onoda has the same kind of aspect! Perhaps he was rather comfortable in the wild. Modern Japan was too much for him and he went to his brother in Brazil first, but later returned.
Just like Chris McCandless, in spite of the odd action, he became a hero. That is also Mars-Neptune (and of course: Sun-Neptune). He became a myth.

The contra parallel aspect between Sun and Saturn might have contributed to the long period of living alone.

Then there is the combination of Sun in Pisces with Moon in Sagittarius for the idealistic believing character.

Number 6, last but not least is his 'calling' Mercury. That makes it hard to convince the man or to reason with him, I am afraid.  They told him that the war was over, before. But he refused to listen.

The combination of all that, together with the circumstances (war, an island, suppression) explains some of his adventures and why he remained on an island in the wild for decades.

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