Sunday, January 12, 2014

French president Hollande, Julie Gayet and Venus-Neptune

French president Hollande was in the news this week because of a picture of a man with helmet on a scooter, supposedly him, on his way to his lover Julie Gayet. It is interesting to see how Venus-Neptune works in this case.

Here is the chart of Julie Gayet. The transits are the positions on the day of birth of the president.
(click to enlarge)
Her Venus is exactly square his Venus. So even if they don't have the same tastes or preferences, they like each other.
Her Venus is inconjunct Neptune. It is not uncommon for an artist to have a Venus-Neptune aspect. In fact, most of them have such an aspect, as you may see on Art&Astrology. But it is also an aspect related to 'affairs' (secret loves, romance and unfortunate loves).
Transit Neptune is inconjunct HIS Venus now. So now they both have a Venus inconjunct Neptune to share.
Her Venus receives a trine from Neptune. As I mentioned in the article on resonance, a transit repeating a natal aspect combination is more important than usual.

Hollande has a 'calling' Venus. You know who also had a 'calling' Venus? Mitterand:

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