Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Pluto-MC renovation

Next week my house will be upside down. The old kitchen will have to make place for a new one. That sounds simple, but it isn’t. Things got more complicated due to an inflammatory condition of my lungs, the start of pneumonia. (Not bad enough to stop me from blogging…)

The chart says:
- Progressed MC opposition(
- transit Mars conjunct Neptune ruler 1 on the eve of the works

This happens shortly after Progressed Moon square Pluto (and transit Saturn involved in this). This also happens right after Mars square Sun/Moon and transit Saturn opposition progressed Moon. And yes, Venus is retrograde, but she wasn't mid November, when the kitchen was bought. I think that Pluto has the starring role now.

When Pluto is around, it becomes difficult, complicated and challenging. How else can you have the promised stress?:) In my case the aspects are even more important. That is because I have an exact natal trine between MC and Pluto, ruler 8 in 6.  So, MC-Pluto lands in fruitful ground and as an astrologer, I am happy to see how the symbols correspond with my condition. Still, I have some objectionsJ

Time, money and schedules. Every renovation has time and money complications. Ours, too.
We tried to call, mail, SMS and write to the builders, contractors and renovators in vain, for weeks, starting mid November. They kept us in the dark about prices and schedules. Pluto is for the price to pay and I had no idea that I would follow the footsteps of all those renovating families on TV and have to add 25%.

There is also more work to be done than expected. And why do I have all that stuff? They say that it is good to throw away something old when you buy something new (or better, to start cleaning in order to make place). Yes, I threw away things that I hadn't used in 15 years! I recently cleaned and organized the garage, too. But somehow it is full again! It just happens… With Pluto, you have to go to the bottom of it (and right now 80% of the floor is occupied).

The latest complication is my health (starting pneumonia, more seriously if the medication - Prednison, for example - fails).  A couple of days ago - transit Mars and Saturn-Moon - we caught a virus. After that I couldn't breath like I used to. I have to avoid any dust next week (and wonder how!). So now I am rather tired and in bed a lot, hoping for better times soon.

Next year Progressed MC will be opposition natal Pluto (and no more other Pluto's). I hope that it will be about the bathroom…and only the bathroom.

Renovations… It is just supposed to be fun with a happy end and it probably will. 

When you renovated (part of) your house, did you have a Pluto progression or transit?

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