Monday, January 13, 2014

Steven Forrest, a Capricorn astrologer

In the series of astrologers (authors and professionals) and their sun sign, now it's time for Capricorn to see in what way the sun sign influences the astrologer's work. Here is the chart of a well known Capricorn astrologer that I found on the chart of Steven Forrest.
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 The astrologer in the chart is often (if not always) shown by important Jupiter-Uranus combinations. In this chart like this:

- Jupiter rises before the Sun
- Uranus is 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)
This makes Jupiter and Uranus very important!
- Sun/Jupiter midpoint is sesquisquare Uranus for the 'helicopter view' mentions that he studied religion. For this, see the Sun in aspect with both Jupiter and Neptune. Finally, I like to point at Pallas on the Descendant, mirroring the importance of seeing patterns (and often important in charts of astrologers).

What's Capricorn -the sign of management - to do with that? Perhaps Saturn on Midheaven and Capricorn Sun manifest themselves in the fact that he is Chair of the Kepler College Advisory Council and a member of the ISAR Ethics Committee. The 3rd house cusp is in Capricorn and the ruler of the 3rd house (Saturn) is on Midheaven, while ruler MC is in 3. The importance of the 3rd house and ruler 1 in 9 shows us the 3-9 axis of educations and publishing.

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