Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Peace Conference chart and Neptune

Geneva 2, Peace conference for , Montreux, Sw, 9:30 LT (Ahem) - What do you think?

This tweet by Jean Funken (@Astrostudies) triggered my interest in the chart of the official starting moment of the Syria Peace Conference in Montreux today. What do I think? I think about Neptune. Neptune is on the Ascendant. Neptune is also exactly opposition the natal Mercury of Assad. I remember my transit Mercury opposition Neptune as a bad day for communications and negotiations. Transits of Neptune are always confusing. This is my take on T Neptune-Mercury:

  • Transit Neptune with Mercury confuses the mind and tends to miscommunications.
In the eve of the conference thousands of pictures of starved, tortured and killed young men appeared, blaming Assad. Mercury-Neptune is one of the 'suspicious aspects' I wrote about earlier ( ) This aspect adds to unclarity and negotiations may end in a foggy way. Here is the chart of the conference again, now with in transit the positions at the day of birth of Assad, who is past the point of no return already (see that post: )

Neptune may create an illusion, a media event only.
Low hopes, high stakes, they say ( ) How to give peace a chance?
Click for a larger picture of chart Peace Conference and positions Assad

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