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Very Capricorn chart of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer (founder of Opus Dei)

On January 9, 1902 Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer was born in Barbastro, Spain. On that day, there was a stellium of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron in Capricorn. There was a narrow conjunction of Sun and Saturn. There is a Capricorn Sun/Moon conjunct Saturn. This strongly motivates to be in charge and to organize. There is a strong need to be respected.

This very Cappy chart belonged to the founder of Opus Dei (see Wiki), a Roman Catholic conservative organization of 80.000 member (not the millions of Dan Brown!), that started to do the 'work of God' (that is what Opus Dei means) on October 2, 1928.

It is not surprising to see so much Capricorn and Saturn in this chart. Capricorn is the sign of 'duty', the 'classics', ambition and of a certain conservatism. Sun-Saturn often highlights management qualities. Lots of managers (AND dictators) have a Sun-Saturn aspect (see this post: ).

 In the chart of Opus Dei, Neptune rises before the 'calling' Sun, while Mars is 'calling' too. That perfectly describes Opus (Mars!) Dei (Neptune orientation). That Mars is trine the Venus of the founder and exactly conjunct his Neptune (dream came true).

Transit Pluto was opposition the natal Sun, Moon and Saturn of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer when he founded Opus Dei. This signals that dramatic moment in his life.
Transit Pluto was also inconjunct Uranus (it seems that there was a lot of stress and nerves at the time). In the natal chart of the founder of Opus Dei, Uranus is opposition Pluto. Any transit or progression that connects Uranus and Pluto will be highlighted because of that crucial opposition on the meridian (IC-MC).

Here you see the chart of the founder and the transits of October 2, 1928 (with just one click you get a larger picture). 

The Astro ID of Escriva for 10 p.m. is as follows:
1. Mars is 'calling' (for the workaholic)
2. Pluto conjunct Midheaven
3. Uranus opposition Midheaven (semi sextile Sun, Moon, Saturn and Sun/Moon)
4. Uranus rising before the Sun

Uranus is very important. Uranus is the symbol of controversy and semi sextile Sun.  Also, Eris is on the Descendant.

With such an Astro ID with such an important Uranus, it is to be expected that there are very different views of him. A lot of catholics see him as a saint. Others point at his defense of Hitler and France.

I like to point at Venus half semi square Mars, both connected with Neptune (by trine and biquintile) for the man with a romantic-idealistic passion. The Midheaven inconjunct Sun/Moon, Sun, Moon and Saturn, seems to contradict his beatification. He never really fell of his pedestal and didn't have to retire too early. The round hour of birth doesn't seem to fit completely. Maybe they said that it was at about 10. Anyway, I'd liked to place Midheaven right between Neptune and Pluto…

Quoting myself:
Motivated by parents (mostly the father), managers or others of different age or standing. Needs law, order and hierarchy to feel alive and secure. Highlighted responsibility and conservatism. In the family: the cool, serious, responsible and cautious family member, a bit distant (because of age, status or living far away).
In a marriage: rather solid, serious and distant (like the father remembered for cutting the meat every Sunday). No seriously: they are very scrupulous indeed.
This highlighted Capricorn just needs to climb in society and make a career. It depends on many things (chart, genes, gender, circumstances) where that need brings you.
Famous examples are:
- Oprah Winfrey (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius, Sun/Moon in Capricorn)
- Luis Bunuel (Sun Pisces, Moon Sagittarius, conflict with the family because of political choice)
- Annie Lennox (Sun and Moon in Capricorn, Sun/Moon in Capricorn sesquisquare Venus)

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