Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mars fighting (chart of today July 17, 2014)

My progressed Moon is moving to a trine with Mars, and that is a good sign if you need some energy and action. The actual chart of today, however, shows that Mars is in trouble. Why? Well, Mars is square Sun and in conflict with Ceres, Sedna and Eris. There is also a link (by means of minor aspects) to the Saturn inconjunct Uranus aspect (see that post). It is vibrating with heat.

Sun square Mars and Eris is an aspect combination for war (see the chart of Pearl Harbor )  The Sun is now highlighting the tendency to start fights and wars. 'Make love not war' is not in the air tonight.

Here is the chart, drawn for Rotterdam, but the aspects are valid all over the world. This chart mirrors the problems.
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Besides Sun- Eris Mars must deal with Saturnus inconjunct Uranus (related to the chart of Israel) . That is, because there is a 112.5 degree minor aspect with the Sun and a 157.5 degree minor aspect with Eris. 
Moreover: Mars is conjunct Ceres (basics, food, dynasties and genes) and Vesta (dedication). Sedna is inconjunct Mars and sextile Sun. Sedna is seen as the symbol of the feeling of betrayal.

How complicated! It is the perfect mirror of the situation in the world today. If the present Sun or Mars is in aspect with your natal or progressed chart, you could expect to be affected by the overheated and speeding nature of Mars and get involved in conflicts or suffer an injury (depending also on your individual chart and situation). Take care!

This weekend the fighting Mars sees the Moon in Aries. Mind your eyes and head and wear something red if you want to join the party up there. If you can't join them, beat them! Maybe it is a good idea to start counting to 10. 

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