Sunday, July 6, 2014

Netherlands in the World Cup 2014

Yesterday, the Netherlands won the match against Costa Rica by means of penalty. At the moment of the official end of the second half, the Descendant of the that moment and place pointed at the Pluto of Louis van Gaal, indicating stress. But, it was a transit Sun - Jupiter day, so he won. Now what about Netherlands-Argentina? The chart of the official final moment on July 9, 2014 compared with the positions of the coaches (Scorpio Alejandro Sabella and Leo Louis van Gaal) shows Sabella's Jupiter square MC while it is Saturn semi sextile MC for Van Gaal on a transit Sun - Neptune day. Also transit Jupiter is trine Sabella's progressed Venus (signaling party time). So, I am not optimistic for the Netherlands. However, this method is experimental and Van Gaal's transits of Uranus surprised us and gave him the title 'Genius' (very well in line with Uranus). So don't bet your money on it! And if you'd like another result: there are many many predictions, even by animals. I do, because I hope that the team of Van Gaal wins (sorry, Argentinos!)
Chart of official final moment with positions on day of birth of Alejandro Sabella.

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Thanks for your comment! But, we agree!