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Second chance posts 2: Father Pio's stigmata

Some hardly ever read posts deserve a second chance. Here is one on a subject that may not be in the top 10 of most interesting subject (a fake holy man), but it holds several typical astrological clues to fans/followers (Jupiter-Neptune), successes (Jupiter-Pluto), creativity (quintiles), use/abuse of power (Mars-Pluto) and the end of a reputation (Saturn-Midheaven). That is why I give that post another try. Here it is.

November 11, 2007

Dutch newspaper Trouw reports on the 8th of November that Saint Padre Pio (born May 25 1887 at 16h10 in Pietrecina) cheated on his audience. He applied the stigmata himself. Also it has become known that Pope John the 23rd was not convinced that Pio sticked to the celibate status of a roman catholic priest. Let us have a look at the chart of a roman catholic priest who still has many believers and followers who worship him.

The birth chart of Padre Pio shows us a man with a lot of self confidence and a strong ability to convince others. Jupiter is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign). Pluto is rising before the Sun. The prominence of Jupiter and Pluto, making a creative quintile between them, applies to a succesful man.

In religious charts ('fake' or not) there are always combination of Jupiter and Neptune (conviction + immaterial). The closest aspect in the chart of Father Pio is that of Jupiter inconjunct Neptune. Sun, Saturn and Pluto all three make a hard aspect - in the 22.5 degree serie- with the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune.

Even after death, when your reputation is being discussed, transits and progressions stay alive. So it is in Pio's case.

Now that there are doubts about Saint Pio because of the statements of drugstore owners at the time who delivered material that could be used to produce stigmata, we see transit Pluto inconjunct the natal Mars-Neptune of Pio. The progressed Sun is beginning to change sign and next year (right after the square from Jupiter) this Sun will receive a square from Pluto. Is not the circle round?:)
Important moments in time are often marked by come-backs of astrological aspects in/with the natal chart.

BTW: in Pio's solar return chart for 2007 Saturn sits on the midheaven.

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