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Quindecile and final WC2014

World Cup final 2014 and what's the quindecile's got to do with it? Read it here!
I have been experimenting with the charts of coaches and the final moments of matches to see if the Midheaven of that moment points at a planet that shows their emotions (happy or not) , combined with the coach's chart, transits and progressions. Looking back at Netherlands-Argentina, you see that the transit Sun square Louis van Gaal's natal Neptune signaled a negative trend, while the positive Jupiter helped Alejandro Sabella's Sun. Of course there was more, like the Midheaven of the official final moment on Neptune in the chart of the Netherlands That is when it went wrong. So, good times for Mr Sabella, and not for Van Gaal. 

Of course, they could have won anyway, because there is free will and no predestination, isn't it? So never mind what follows here.

FINAL World Cup 2014

Charts below are for Netherlands-Brazil with the transits of November 9, 1948 (Scolari) and August 8, 1951 (Van Gaal). Just click for a better view.

My interpretation of these charts lead to the following results of July 12 and July 13 2014:

1 Argentina
2 Germany
3 Brazil
4 Netherlands
And I hope I'm wrong and I know that there is no hour of birth for 3 out of the 4 coaches. But...

Joachim Löw (see his chart on Astrodatabank) has transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Midheaven on July 13. If he wasn't a coach right now I'd warn him for leaking roofs, insects, negative press and disillusionment. Perhaps it is his roof only... Still, it is a silly aspect for the day of joy that his fans are waiting for. 

Now here comes the quindecile (the 165 degree aspect of focus and obsession). During Germany-Brasil the German coach had Jupiter on his side. Transit Jupiter was conjunct his progressed Ascendant AND quindecile his natal Sun. This double support was mirrored by the score: 7-1! 
Jupiter didn't stay in the same place, but moved on. Plus, on July 13, Sabella's progressed Sun is quindecile Jupiter. The Argentine coach is certain of his future position and doesn't need to win. He is happy anyway. But on July 13, he is more happy. So? My guess is that Argentina wins. But I might be wrong, so don't bet on it. 

Have you noticed that there are two quindeciles with Jupiter and two coaches for the positions 1 and 2 in the world? That is because quindeciles are strong aspects. There is a strong focus on success for both coaches in this period. More on the quindecile later...

Who wants to win more? I guess that it is Scolari. He lost so badly when the Saturn-Uranus inconjunct hit his natal Sun! He lost his contract already. He's got nothing to loose and everything to win, including his honor. The team of Louis van Gaal tells the world that they don't want a 'comforting finale for 3 and 4'. Van Gaal still wants to win. Will he win? 

Scolari's progressed Sun opposition the natal Mars of Van Gaal tells us about competition. Both have a Sun-Pluto issue at the official final moment. Sun-Pluto wants to win. And Sun is for honor. Scolari's Sun is spot on the Midheaven of the final moment. 

QUINDECILE:165 degrees
Noel Tyl pointed at the quindecile for obsession and focus and he is right. Venus quindecile Venus in synastry, for example, mirrors obsessive love (whatever happens, see: )

Transit quindecile or progressed aspects of 165 degrees show that you are in the middle of a period with a focus on a special person, idea or job. Check your chart for it. I mentioned the Sun-Jupiter quindecile of the two winning coaches above. When Jupiter was in the 5th degree of Cancer in my 4th house, quindecile my Sun and MC, following the good results of a check up in hospital, I quit my job and never ever felt sorry for it. So... a Sun-Jupiter quindecile makes you aware of your fortunate situation, of being happy and lucky. If this happens to any coach on the day of the final of the World Cup 2014, wouldn't you expect him to be very happy, too? But, to make it tricky for the astrologer: it could be about something else than that match! 

It is (and almost WAS) an experiment. A difficult, time eating experiment. But for some silly reason I keep doing it. It is like trying to see it the cloud above the place of the match warns for rain over one of the coaches or will simply be blown away by the wind. Still, I liked doing it. Must be a quindecile somewhere! Have a nice weekend!

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Shankar said...

I Agree with your prediction about finals-Argentina have chance to win, but for the 3rd position, brazil does not have bright chance to win, so netharlands would become 3rd position.
Please also read my BlogSpot for my prediction

Astromarkt said...

Netherlands won 0-3 (Saturn-Uranus inconjunct defeated Scolari, see next post:)