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Venus in Virgo and aspects with Venus

Venus is in Virgo now. When you are a Leo, Virgo or Libra, your Venus might be  in Virgo in your birth chart. When Robert de Niro was born, Venus was also in Virgo. I want to write about Venus in Virgo and about the aspects with Venus. First I want to tell you about transit Venus in Virgo inconjunct my progressed Sun last week at the office, making me extraordinary happy with the kind and efficient (yep! Venus in Virgo) contribution and explanation of someone. Venus is the symbol of pleasure and joy, and Virgo is the sign of daily work. But how to read Venus in Virgo in birth charts?

In the post about Virgo I mention more VIPs born with Venus in Virgo, like: Bob Geldoff, Andrea Bocelli, J.K. Rowling, Mick Jagger, Eminem, Vicky Leandros, Julio Iglesias and Carl Orff. So you see that just like a Sun in Virgo, a Venus in Virgo is diverse. The position and aspects of Venus are important for the nuances of Venus in Virgo. Venus is part of the complete chart and can't be considered isolated. But if we do, we see Virgo in the charts of ‘cool’ men, especially when there is an aspect with Saturn. Virgo is a cool sign, like Capricorn. Saturn is the symbol of cold.  Cool men are attractive. In classic novels for ladies the hero is often a distant, cool employer. Maybe a male Venus in Virgo is attracted to his servants? I am just thinking… Or maybe it is just the other way around: attractive men have Venus and/or the Moon in cool signs like Capricorn or Virgo and/or in an aspect with Saturn, like for example George Clooney. De Niro has Venus opposition Saturn.  
I have written about the happy Virgin Virgo, but Venus in Virgo doesn't mean that you don't get married. Here are the names of some Venus in Virgos who married more than once: Ingrid Bergmann, John Lennon, Roger Moore and François Mitterand. 
Ingrid Bergmann married twice and had an affair (a scandle in those days).
Roger Moore even married four times. 
Francois Mitterand had Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in the 7th house. He had several mistresses. Maybe he just couldn't make up his mind as there was something not perfect about every one of them? That would be sooo Virgo...:)

But it would be discriminating to put it that way. There are a lot of other symbols of possible divorce in a chart (see the PS). If Venus in Virgo had the same resonation in every chart, 1/12 of the world would be exactly the same. The names of people with Venus in Virgo already show that they are quite different. The difference is in the position of Venus, the aspects with Venus, culture, gender and social status. Example: when your Venus in Virgo is in aspect with Mars, there is passion in you or in your love life, and with Uranus there would be hot excitemtent, so where is the Virgo then? Maybe it is in the way that you demonstrate to be fond of hygiene. Or maybe it is in the way that you look at your partner's wrongly chosen combination of clothes. I don't know. People generally don’t tell us all about their intimate lives and there are no stats about it. So if you study your (or anyone’s) Venus in Virgo, consider the position of Venus and the (major and minor) aspects (also with Sun/Moon and AC/MC) and the midpoint combinations with Venus... Also never forget about the complete chart, conditions, situation, gender and culture. All that doesn't make it easy to isolate the reflection of the sign. So let's go to the aspects...

ASPECTS WITH VENUS (and many links)
Venus is (of course) of importance in the charts of artists and musicians. They often have combinations of Moon, Venus and Neptune with Midheaven  in their charts. See Art&Astrology for dozens of examples.

When Venus doesn’t make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, Venus is ‘calling’. Charm, diplomacy, beauty…it will be all there at any possible level, like in the chart of first lady Nancy Reagan or in the chart of President Zuma, who has a lot of first ladies (

See the post about the aspects of Venus here:

Sun-Venus midpoint combinations

Progressed Sun-Venus

Marilyn Monroe had Moon semi sesquisquare (67.5d) Venus, afflicted by Saturn and Neptune. The combinations Moon/Venus/Saturn and Moon/Venus/Neptune happen to be the less pleasant combinations with Moon/Venus. 
Moon inconjunct Venus

Venus-Mars (with Uranus)

Venus-Saturn-Pluto and Ascendant in the charts of beauties

Sun/Moon or AC/MC with Venus




And for all the Venus-midpoint and aspect combinations of Venus with two other planets or objects, see Astromarkt:

(external link)

An explanation about the indications for a divorce..
In a man's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Moon and Saturn or Neptune, Venus and Neptune, Mars and Uranus.
In a female's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Sun and Mars or Uranus, Venus and Uranus, Mars and Saturn.
And in the charts of both genders:
Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers)

I found that Venus in Aries or Mars in Libra do not make relationships easy. Neither does the placement of Neptune on the horizon in the charts of females. Hard aspects between Moon, Venus and/or Mars illustrate that it may be hard to find a match (and so the nativity needs to compromise).

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barb said...

Martha Stewart has Venus in Virgo, and she has always seemed cold to me, even though she's a Leo sun. It could be her Scorpio rising too, however.