Saturday, February 20, 2010

Collaps of Dutch government

The Labour party members of the Dutch government stepped back last night and now there is no government in The Netherlands any more. CNN tells the story short and efficient: there was a major conflict about the troops in Afghanistan and that was the XXth disagreement. It was a television marathon (from drama to slapstick and back). There will be new elections within 3 months.

There are three charts that I like to show you. The chart of the day that this government started, the chart of vice PM Bos (who initiated the fall) and the chart of PM Balkenende (in an earlier post about him being 'a lame duck' with transit Saturn inconjunct his MC when he failed to become the first European President). Transit Saturn is now exactly inconjunct the natal Sun of the government and opposition the Midheaven of Wouter Bos, who has Sun inconjunct Saturn in his natal chart.

The chart above is the chart of the day that this government started (Monday it would have been 3 years ago). With the knowledge of today (a phrase used a lot in the Iraq discussion:): see the amount of sextiles and trines for the easy way out...! The next government will have to deal with a 35 billion reduction of expenses (or with more taxes) and many other problems that this government failed to solve.

The chart below is that of the Labour vice PM, Wouter Bos, who was the leading figure in the final drama of this coalition.

Saturn is the symbol of stepping back, falling down and administrations. Dutch PM Balkenende had his part of Saturn last October, when he didn't become the President of Europe and turned into a lame duck wduring the inconjunction of Saturn. Later there was the report about the political support for the invasion in Iraq. I qoute myself:
There are more transits and progressions, like transit Uranus conjunct Progressed Moon on the Descendant, for a sudden experience and a moment of upheaval. Transit Jupiter inconjunct natal Uranus mirrors a certain relief, but...(there is always 'but' with an inconjunction) with a lot of upeavel.
On March 3 (local elections), transit Uranus will again be conjunct Progressed Moon. The polls are predicting bad results for the members of the present coalition, especially for Labour, but also for the Christian Democrats of Balkenende, who is been named a lame duck after the transit of Saturn inconjunct Midheaven (when he didn't become the first president of Europe). More about that in an earlier post....
The Davids report seems to have a bad effect for British Labour, too. Mr. Gordon Brown’s progressed Sun sign is changing, and in March 2010 transit Saturn will be inconjunct his Midheaven (right after transit Pluto on Midheaven in February).

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