Monday, February 8, 2010

Chart of Rajendra Pachauri (IPCC)

When Jupiter is in aspect with Saturn, you are to expect 'ups and downs', slow (but steady) growing careers and hierarchy might be an issue. Mr. Pachauri, who joined Al Gore in winning the Nobel Prize for the global warming story is now the object of controversy, because of the mistakes about the glaciers in the Himalaya and because he has written a romantic novel that increases the temperature just by reading it:).

There is no known hour of birth, is easy to see the man of controversies (Sun exactly square Uranus) and the fact that communications (and writing) are part of the 'ups and downs': Mercury is square Jupiter and Saturn.
Is he an artistic talent? With Moon in Pisces, Venus quintile Neptune and Moon probably opposition Neptune, I'd guess so. I also like his Venus quintile Quaoar, reflecting the talent to creatively shape new worlds and new concepts.

Pluto (the symbol of strategy, politics, power, influence, money and potential) is the first outer planet rising before his natal Sun and that means that his orientation is in the Plutonic field. Noel Tyl writes that Pluto oriental is the symbol of the importance of knowing the right kind of folks. Pluto doesn't make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is an important reflection of power and knowing people - networking - at any possible level. Mr. Pachauri knows the most important opinion makers in the world.

About two years ago he had a life changing aspect: progressed Sun squares his important Pluto! That is when he got the Nobel Prize, together with Al Gore, whose Pluto is conjunct the Mercury of Pachauri (and that means influence on his ideas). The influence is mutual: Pachauri's Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant of Al Gore.


Here above is the chart of the day of birth of Rajendra Pachauri, born in Nainital, India on August 20, 1940. He is Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Economics and just like with Al Gore, his Mercury is in conflict with Saturn. In the article about sharing aspects on Astromarkt I wrote:
Mercury and Saturn: sharing the same hard convictions, being serious about that. With hard aspects you are both mistrusting the world outside and that is what joins you.

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