Monday, February 15, 2010

Viva Leroy Nash died

Viva Leroy Nash. No this is not a cheer. It is his first name. Viva means: may he live. And he lived 95 years! But the final 25 he spent in prison. He ended deaf and blind, suffering from dementia, but he escaped the execution that they planned for him in 1986. Here is the chart of the day that he was born. Watch the amount of sextiles (5, and a trine) for the easy way out. Use the label 'sextile' to find out more about sextiles and crime.

Transit Saturn's square with Pluto (possibly related to the Moon) might have ended his life now. Transit Neptune and Chiron are now opposition his Quaoar and his unaspected Quaoar is rising before the natal Sun. Quaoar is the symbol of creating new realities and worlds.


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