Friday, February 26, 2010

Wayne Bridge and John Terry: friends no more

Above is the chart of the day of birth of Wayne Bridge. The transits in the chart above are for the day of birth of his former best friend John Terry. What is the story and why now?
One month ago the past friendship between Wayne Bridge and John Terry was hot news; this weekend they will compete each other in a football match. Now that Wayne found out that John Terry had with Vanessa, his (now?) ex-partner and the mother of his child, he quit the national football team. He doesn’t want to play games with John any more. But he will fight him in a match soon (Manchester against Chelsea this weekend). That is why this post is now. It is because I wondered: where in the chart do you see the friendship and where is the end of it? What is their astrological match?

Romantic matches work the same way as the match between friends does. So I use about the same procedure. There is a difference however: it is about friends. The conflicts between the symbols of the ladies (Moon and Venus) could be read as the reflection of what their conflict is about: women! There is also an indication for competition (Mars square Mars). The conflict may be bad for playing in the same team, but they might be very stimulating for the next match.

Their Suns trine
Their Moons are in opposite signs
Their Mercury’s don’t fit
Wayne’s Venus is sesquisquare John’s Venus
Their Mars are square
Wayne’s Sun is conjunct the Node of John
Wayne’s Mars is sextile the Sun of John
Wayne’s Jupiter is square the Sun of John
Wayne’s Mercury is square the Pluto of John

Both men have the Moon rising before the Sun (Mercury and Venus).

Wayne is the ‘ supporting, trusting, helping’ one in this affair. (It is his Jupiter). Now that he stops as an international, there is an opposition between the progressed Sun and natal Jupiter. They are still trying to make him change his mind...

PS Cherchez la femme in this story. Her name is Vanessa Perroncell and she doesn’t seem to have a d.o.b.


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And Manchester (team of Bridge) won the match...