Friday, February 19, 2010

Bernard Kerik: from hero to criminal with Neptune

Bernard Kerik was a New York City Police Commissioner. His hour of birth is unknown. We know the day of birth and we know that he used to be a hero and is now an inmate. See the Telegraph about it...
Neptune (the symbol of idols ánd disappointment) had an important role to play in that story. So has Pluto...Here is the chart for the day of birth, with transits and progressions for 9-11.Kerik has Sun semi square Neptune in the natal chart, so it has never been easy for him to see himself clearly as he is. Neptune is sextile Pluto and the Sun is 15d from Pluto. That combination of Pluto and Neptune keeps coming back in the story of his life: from hero to criminal...

On September 11, 2001 the world was very positive about Bernard Kerik and he became 'a hero'. That was when his progressed Sun was conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto, semi square Sun. The progressed Sun was sextile progressed Jupiter. Also, transit Jupiter was sextile his natal Sun. There were fans, there was success and Jupiter was on his side (with a sextile, however, and I personally don't like sextiles:). There was a positive moment (Jupiter-Sun transit) while his life style was more and more criminal. Neptune-Pluto is the combination of sometimes dangerous secrets: Neptune-Pluto is about the price you pay for what you hide or the price you get for your fantasy.

From that moment on Neptune was the oriental (first rising) planet in the progressed chart and he started doing the wrong things. Just five years ago his progressed Sun sign changed to Scorpio and the first aspect was progressed Sun square Uranus: upheaval! In 2006 he admitted to have employed an illegal nanny. And like to be expected with a Uranus conflict, more and more emerged...

Now he is an official criminal and fraud. He has to spend a few years in a State prison.
Transit Neptune is now in the 27th degree of Aquarius and that is 165 d (quindecile) from the natal Sun, sextile his natal Neptune, opposition his natal Pluto. Transit Pluto is sextile the progressed Sun and square natal Mercury.

The same kind of aspects keeps coming illustrate the problem (Pluto) of being a proclaimed living hero (Neptune). Heroes can easily turn into fallen angels. Neptune is often there when things are not like they seem to be and when human beings are being confused with their imago. It is not easy to walk straight on a narrow path, always. And for some of us it is even more difficult. This is especially so, when you are surrounded by opportunities to choose the other way.

Mark Sanford disappeared and had his secrets (revealed). He has Sun inconjunct Neptune in the chart.

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