Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Detroit hero Jasper Schuringa and the terrorist

A few weeks ago, on Xmas day, Jasper Schuringa subdued Umar Abdulmutallab, who intended to become a suicide terrorist in an airplane, near Detroit. Read the story here... Above you see the natal and progressed positions with transits for that day for Schuringa. There is no hour of birth for the men, but there is still a lot to see in the positions of their days of birth. Take for example the oriental Jupiter for the hero; he is an international from the very start and becomes famous while travelling. Jupiter is the symbol of the international.

Usually I don't wait to publish such stories, but as I heard that Jasper Schuringa had been taken to a safe house, I did. Now that he is seeking publicity on television where his fellow passengers applaud and thank him (now there is apparantly no more danger for him), I like to tell you what is interesting about the charts involved, even though it happened weeks ago. That is because there is so much to see. It is a story about a lot of Mars! Here you see the positions of Umar with those of Jasper on the outside of the circle:

a. Schuringa has Mars trine Pluto and that is the combination of self defence and/or using force. On the day of the flight transit Pluto was opposition progressed Mars. That is a sort of a trigger aspect that 'hit' his tendency to be brave.
b. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the terrorist, was born December 22, 1986. What he shares with Schuringa are the combinations of Mars-Saturn and Mars-Neptune ( Mars 90 Saturn quintile Neptune; Schuringa has Mars opposition Neptune and semi sesquisquare Saturn). Sharing those kind of aspects are not making a relationship fun:). Mars-Neptune combinations are frequent in the charts of criminals and those who fight them and that is exactly mirroring what happened here.
c. Look at the synastry between them and you see that the same planets are interacting, including the Node. For example: Saturn of Umar is conjunct the Mars of Jasper. See Cafe Astrology about this aspect in synastry and you may understand that Jasper noticed that Umar was afraid. Jasper's Saturn is inconjunct the Mars of Umar, so that they are sharing a Mars-Saturn combination. The complete combination of aspects could be read as a group event related to murder and cancelled ambitions.

Last, but not least: Jasper has the Sun exactly trine Neptune and that is a typical aspect for an idol or a hero (like Elvis for example). More about Sun trine Neptune on this blog...

For more about individuals sharing the same kind of aspects, see Astromarkt and click here...


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