Saturday, February 13, 2010

Remembering the release of Nelson Mandela

Astrodatabank says that there is no hour of birth, because nobody noticed and it was not considered important in those days, when Nelson Mandela was born. Every hour of birth is speculation and is being contradicted by outher sources of information. So let's not have a specific look at the Ascendant, MC, houses or degree of the Moon. Let's have a look at the main information (the Astro ID):

- Pluto rising before the Sun
A strategist in the first place, a politician. Pluto is close to Venus and Jupiter and that combination is a sort of a statement for being loved by the millions.
The combination of an important Sun and Pluto refers to political leadership (coaching others).
- Uranus opposition Quaoar and sesquisquare Mars
Provoking the creation of a new reality by action (a freedom fighter)...

There is more about Mandela on this blog, including more chart readings. See those posts here...

*)More specifics:
The Sun without major aspects within 5 degrees...That is for someone who draws attention, a leader. Unless he is born with a trine with the Moon, like when he is born after 14.00 hours, the Sun is 'calling' in Nelson Mandela's natal chart.

See about Mars and Uranus on this blog..., a post written in April 2008 about the general effect, or go to Astromarkt.


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