Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chart of d.o.b. of Dorice Donegan Moore

Dorice Donegan Moore was born July 25, 1972., says Websleuths. She is the Florida woman arrested for the murder of Abraham Shakespeare, the lottery winner with bad luck…This is not a ‘who-dun-it’. I like to find an explanation for the reason why she was Shakespeare’s friend and to see if the suspicion matches with the possible profile as seen in her chart (and that is mostly also the way people see you). Here you see the positions on their days of birth.

Dorice Donegan Moore has Venus and Saturn rising before the Sun. The Venus-Saturn combination refers to business related to love and relationships (a business woman or a woman in business). Her natal Sun is in aspect with Saturn (semi square) and Uranus (quintile) reflecting a period of limited freedom. The amount of sextiles in her chart might reflect the quest for the easy way out (or in): I mean, to achieve something without much effort. The Capricorn Moon with the Leo Sun is an ambitious combination, however. A relationship with a not very intelligent millionaire is a great way to get rich without having a 9 to 5 job. (Of course, the chart of a day of birth just shows a potential or profile and the Ascendant, MC, positions in the chart, genes, gender, social and economical conditions and more, all have a great influence in the way that the blueprint turns into the eventual individual. So don't worry if you were born on her day, too).

A very good reason for becoming friends is the possible trine between their Moons. Moons in the same sign or in a corresponding sign are moons that feel at home together. Friends often share moonsigns.

That is a match, but they didn’t match much. His Sun is square hers (who was the boss?). Her Venus is square his (different taste). Her Mars is square his (hot hit at first, fighting later). Her Jupiter is opposition his (differences of conviction).
But more significant are the conflicting combinations of planets, like:

Her Mars and Saturn are in conflict with his Venus and Pluto.
His Saturn is in conflict with her midpoint Venus/Pluto.

Venus/Pluto is the combination of money issues.
Mars-Saturn is related to death.

But there is more: her Neptune is inconjunct his Sun!

The Sun is trine Neptune in her chart: she might be a great actress... Perhaps she even loves dogs and she has a vivid imagionation. Coincidence or not: her Neptune in the 3rd of Sagittarius is inconjunct his Sun in the 3rd of Taurus. Her ability (trine) to realize her dreams (Sun-Neptune) cost him (inconjunct) his life (Sun). Sun inconjunct Neptune is reflecting the 'fallen angle'. It is obvious that such a combination in synastry is very disappointing at least.

All in all, she is a serious person trying to find an easy way to live up to her standards and she met a millionaire who was not able to control his millions and who found a place to stay in her house. But why kill him? Marrying him would have been easier to do. Unfortunately, they didn’t match THAT much. That might explain what followed.

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