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MPs and a peer, Jupiter and Uranus

Uranus'transits often come with a shock and turn your world upside down. For public persons it is often a moment of being in the news by 'surprise'. We can see the effect of the transit of Uranus in the charts of the MP's and the peer who have to face the judge charged for false accounting and theft.

Natal combinations of the Sun with Jupiter and Uranus often reflect being inventive.
We can see this combination in the charts of the 3 MP's who have to face the judge charged for false accounting and theft.
For the charts of their days of birth, scroll down...

MORLEY (July 6, 1952, London)
Elliot Morley has Sun conjunct Uranus in the natal chart. By transit Uranus is now quindecile (165 degrees) progressed Sun.
Transit Jupiter is about to oppose Progressed Sun and sometimes the opposition doesn't help and is just reflecting a 'positive' by the jury. There is no hour of birth.
The natal Sun is sextile Jupiter and conjunct Uranus, tightly, reflecting being inventive.

DEVINE (May 21, 9153 Blackburn)
His fellow MP John Devine has Sun conjunct Jupiter and both semi square Uranus, the same 'inventive' combination. He also has Venus trine Pluto for the swift way to make money. Transit Uranus is trine his progressed Sun with progressed Mars square Saturn at the same time (for blocked energy). Interesting how the trine changes his life and lifestyle easily this way...

CHAYTOR (August 3, 1949, Bury)
The inventive combination focusses on Jupiter, connected with the Sun by quindecile (165d) and with Uranus by half semi square (22.5 degrees). Transit Uranus is now quindecile his Sun and sesquisquare progressed Sun. Transit Neptune is also sesquisquare progressed Sun and quindecile natal Sun. Neptune's transits are confusing, misty and sometimes related to gossip. David Chaytor says there is just an accounting error.

LORD HANNINFIELD (September 16, 1940, West Hanningfield)
Lord Hanningfield claimed over 115.000 euro in 7 years for hotel bills while they are suspecting that he was at home. Paul Edward Winston White, Baron Hanningfield DL, has transit Uranus opposition natal Sun and 112.5 degrees (square + half semi square) progressed Sun for being in the news the hard way. Venus conjunct Pluto prompts the issue of money in his chart.
His natal Sun is trine Uranus. Could I name the 11,25 degree a semi half semisquare, and should 127.5 degrees be considered an aspect, than I could have added the third person with a Jupiter-Uranus-Sun connection:(. But that would be considered fraud among astrologers, wouldn't it? Well, maybe his Jupiter-Uranus is connected to Midheaven or the Ascendant.

All four of them have difficult transits of Uranus now that there is a public scandall and their fotographs are on the front page of the Times.
Three out of four definetely have a Sun-Jupiter-Uranus connection in their chart, which is reflecting being inventive or benefitting from a sudden windfall. It is also the combinaton of having a helicopter view. In fact it is the combiation that I found in the charts of almost everybody who is studying astrology. Maybe they should have done that instead or why not consult an astrologer? Anyway: maybe the Jupiter-uranus connecting makes them inventive enough to win the case. Without an hour of birth, it is just speculating...The MP's happen to be a member of Labour and perhaps that is also related to Jupiter-Uranus. Anybody reading this who studied the aspect combinations of Labour and Conservatives? I'd like to place a link here...

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