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Turkey, 2012 and Uranus-Pluto

I generally avoid having a look at the charts of nations or the future of country developments. That is because there is always doubt about the ‘natal chart’ of a nation, because politics (and historic backgrounds) are complicated with many charts involved and because nobody knows what the future will bring us. With so many indications for disaster in the sky (except for Venus and Jupiter) it is more in line to speak of problems than to expect a glorious future. That is even more so, now that there is a financial crisis and now that fears are growing about the Middle East and atomic bombs. And when there is a Uranus square Pluto coming up that might force a dramatic change in strategy and politics. But the connection between Uranus-Pluto and the chart of Turkey and it's President in 2011/2012 can't be overlooked! That is why I show it here with the question: is it coincidence or does it mean change with a capital C? We will have to wait a few years to find out...
When I read about the political manoeuvres in Turkey, I looked at the chart of Turkey again and I included the charts of the leaders. In short: the Uranus-Pluto conflict in 2011/2012 is in hard aspect with the nation’s probable Ascendant and the nation’s Mars. The conflicting planets are also in hard aspect with the progressed chart of the President.
Uranus-Pluto is the combination of revolt, arrests and accidents, all that is causing swift changes in personal lives and situation. It might reflect a revolutionary change in his life and in the circumstances of Turkey. More about the effect in the charts of individuals in an earlier post about radical Uranus-Pluto…

What happened now? The AKP government of Turkey arrested members of the (ex-)military top, accusing them of planning a war against Greece, terrorist acts against religious institutions and more. The AKP is a religious (islamist) party. They had a democratic majority in 2007. The army's goal is to maintain a secularly society. That is in (very) short the situation of today.
For more, see Al jazeerah…. For the astrological situation in 2010, scroll down.
Here are the observations for 2012:
- In 2012 Uranus is square Pluto and in hard aspect with the Ascendant-Descendant of Turkey.
- In 2012 Uranus and Pluto will make hard aspects with Turkey’s Mars at the same time.
- That is also when Recep Erdogan will have transit Saturn conjunct progressed Saturn, both in opposition with his progressed Sun. Often these kind of combinations refer to stepping back*).
- And that is when Abdullah Gul, the President, will have transit Pluto conjunct progressed Sun in Capricorn, opposition the Ascendant of Turkey and all that square transit UranusThe dangerous period of life is rather long lasting: right now (!) his progressed Sun is in the 6th degree of Capricorn, conjunct transit Pluto. It will return in January and November of 2011 and in 2012. There is a sort of a constant pressure and stress. Here is the chart of the positions on his day of birth, with progressions and transits for 2012.

It is such a clear reflection, that I'd almost start doubting it. Most major changes don't present themselves this way. It might just mean that there is change in the personal lives of the leaders. The chart of Turkey might not be correct, a quarter of an hour and all that is left is the conflict with Mars. But: Mars is the symbol of the army! The Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination could reflect a military revolution.

Anyway, for the leaders personal hard times are coming up. But there is one consolation for Turkey: from October 2012 till May 2013 transit Jupiter square Midheaven promises that help, progression and growth will be on the way and things will start getting better…Today however, Saturn is down under in the nation's chart.

The chart of Turkey is reflecting a depressing situation right now. Saturn is at the lowest spot of a chart; it means that the status (quo) is low. Transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Sun of the President is reflecting stress.

*) In the chart of Erdogan, Saturn will become more and more important. Erdogan had his birthday yesterday. His progressed Sun changed sign about 3 years ago. Transit Saturn is right now inconjunct the progressed Sun and that is more or less the combination of the lame duck and a status out of balance. On the other hand, Jupiter was recently conjunct his natal Sun and is now square Mars and trine Jupiter, showing good results of an action. Here are the positions on his day of birth, with progressions and transits for today.

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