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Chart of colonel Tom Parker, Quaoar and Elvis

Remember Colonel Tom Parker, who was in fact Dries van Kuijk, a Dutchman who left his past and family behind when he moved to the USA? This post is about the chart of Tom Parker, that you can see when you scroll down. In short, Tom Parker was a man with a lot of self confidence leading to success and a focuss on money, power and influence who had difficult personal relations (and was not very popular). He also had a talent for being a manager. He was the manager of Elvis Presley. The singer and his manager influenced each other's lives. It is easy to see in the synastry between their charts...

Tom Parker's Quaoar*) is precisely inconjunct the Sun of Elvis. Elvis created a completely new world for Tom Parker, who had Quaoar trine Midheaven. But there was little balance in the way that the new world of Tom Parker was connected to the life and lifestyle of Elvis.

Elvis’ talents made him a millionaire. Tom Parker used to say that it was his influence that made Elvis a millionaire. Of course, he was important at the start of Elvis' career. Fact is, that the Ascendant/MC of Elvis is square the Midheaven of Tom Parker. That shows us how the essence of being Elvis was related to the position of Tom Parker. Also Elvis’ Jupiter (symbol of prosperity) is square the natal Quaoar of Tom Parker. That tells us that Elvis had a positive influence in creating a new world for Parker. Elvis' Quaoar receives a trine from Tom Parker's Uranus: that means that Tom Parker was the spark to create Elvis' new world. They changed each other's lives.

Parker's Neptune is opposition the Sun of Elvis. That means that there was little reality in the way that they saw each other. See Cafe Astrology about this synastry aspect....

Success is written all over Tom Parker's chart! Sun, Jupiter and Pluto are the most important objects. Here is the chart, with the positions on the day of birth of Elvis Presley on the outside.

Tom Parker's Pluto rises before the Sun, reflecting the importance of power and money. Pluto doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. I use to name that a 'calling' Pluto. The fact that there is no major connection with the rest of the chart allows the planet to function at any kind of level. That important Pluto is quintile the angular Jupiter, the dispositor of Midheaven. It means that he was able to find creative ways to a successful position in society with a focus on money and influence at any possible level. It made him a rich man. The combination of success is prominent in his chart: there are a calling Jupiter, Pluto AND Sun. The unaspected Sun points at leadership and drawing attention.

The Sun is quintile Saturn and Saturn trine MC for drawing attention in a creative way, managing to be in charge in a professional way. The Pluto of Parker is trine the Saturn of Elvis, who had Saturn inconjunct Pluto. Maybe that was a warning for bad influences. The fact that they shared a Saturn-Pluto aspect and that there was a connection between their charts, might point at problems with management and control in general, with Tom Parker stepping into the gap.

He also was a good liar and communicator: Mercury makes major and minor aspects with all other positions in the chart, including a 15d distance with the Sun and a binovile with Jupiter, a 75 d aspect with the Ascendant (if the B time of Astrodatabank is correct).

When he emigrated to the USA transit Uranus was square his natal Sun and the progressed Sun was semisquare Jupiter, which is a combination for a positive change. Two years earlier his progressed Sun was conjunct Venus and later square Saturn, so maybe a sad love story made him decide to leave the country and the past behind. But there is another possibility: avoiding military service! Later, in 1948, he was given the honorary title of 'Colonel'.

Well, nobody knows why he was such a secretive person, but the Moon opposition Saturn and square Neptune and Uranus, in the equal eight house mirrors the ill relationship with his relatives. As the Moon is afflicted and in Libra, he would feel the need for company, but there was that wall...(see the post about Moon-Saturn aspects).

I suppose that he was born 4 to 5 minutes earlier than 11, because when he started to work with Elvis Presley in 1955 the progressed Midheaven was at 2.1 Aquarius in the 11 0'clock chart. A little earlier and transit Chiron would have crossed the Midheaven that recently would have changed sign. It was with the progressed Sun inconjunct Mars, so maybe it was not the best period in life for Tom Parker. The progressed Sun would soon be inconjunct Uranus, too. His life would change in a disproportionate way. But, in April 1954 the progressed Sun was conjunct Quaoar! That is when a new period in his life started, the creation of a brand new world that would bring him into contact with Elvis Presley. He opened a booking agency in Nashville, TN!

Right now, Tom Parker alias Dries van Kuijk has transit Pluto opposition and transit Saturn square natal Sun. Maybe someone is investigating his life story?

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*) Quaoar is the symbol for creating new worlds. See the label (below this message on my blog) for more examples of the effect of Quaoar.


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